100 Stories: Kimberly Edmonds

We’re continuing our 100 Stories series with Kimberly Edmonds, an organizer from Charlotte.

Community organizing is critical to our strategy to win in November — not just in North Carolina but across the country. For Kimberly Edmonds, that’s part of what makes this campaign so important. It’s an opportunity to make an impact at every level of government and foster real change in her community.

This campaign is not about changing one policy or simply enacting a platform. Organizers like Kimberly are working every day to build local systems to help create long-lasting, positive change and train the next generation of Democrats.

The reason why this is so important to me, is because of my family, my sister Valerie, back home in Flint, Michigan along with my father and my mother. Flint is originally where I was born and raised and they are still there. I moved to Charlotte. I actually went to Johnson C. Smith University, an HBCU.

I experienced learning the commerce system the hard way. I was raised depending on a system that pretty much failed us, coming up in the automotive industry. Through volunteering, working for the Chamber of Commerce in Charlotte as a legislative chair, that’s where I learned a lot about education, reform, and workforce innovation. I worked in almost every division within the bank. Private lending administration was the highest level and that’s where I recognized that African Americans were not included in those portfolios.

So I started my own business enterprise, called Y Squared Management, to service the media landscape because it was all about empowering my community and helping them understand the value of who they are and how they can offer their gifts to the world, their community.

At the end of the day, what matters to me is that there’s education in our school systems that will empower us, learn how to compete from a global perspective and level the playing field over all. This means a lot to me because it’s all about accountability, it’s all about integrity and having good ethics and love for people in general. That’s my story. I plan to make that kind of difference in my community by being a part of this campaign and by coordinating all the right leaders, holding them up to the highest regard, along with our community is key for me and is going to be key for our African American community. That’s what I am looking forward through this path in being an organizer for the coordinated campaign.

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