100 Stories: Marilyn Brooks

Marilyn supports Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine because she knows that they will be prepared on Day One. In fact, she’s voting for Democrats up and down the ticket because it is the party that best represents her views and the diversity of America.

Today, she’s helping to build on her legacy by raising her children and grandchildren to fight for Democratic values.

The reason I am supporting Hillary Clinton is because she is the better candidate. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and is a proven leader who knows how to run a country. That is the number one priority for me. She comes loaded with the credentials.

The second reason why I am supporting her: she is a woman. I think it’s time for a woman to be the President of the United States because we’ve had enough men running the country, and women have a great balance of knowing how to be assertive, yet know how to have compassion when dealing with people. So she has my support all the way, and I think she made an excellent choice in her VP choice as well. So Hillary all the way!

I’ve been a true Democrat all my life. I feel like the Democratic Party has always been holistic in their perception of people. If you look at the Democratic Party, in my opinion, it truly is the melting pot that speaks to the voice of all people. My children are Democrats and my grandchildren are Democrats — three of them — and the oldest one is 25. So my family has a proud legacy of being Democrats. This is the party of diversity.

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