100 Stories: Marjorie Molina

Marjorie knows this is the most important election of her lifetime. She supports Hillary because of her experience as a leader, advocate, wife, and mother. Hillary is fighting for Marjorie’s family, so Marjorie is fighting for her.

My future, as a working class African American woman, is at stake in this election. I think Hillary speaks to what’s important to me and my family, and not just the African American perspective. I’m married to a Latino who is an immigrant from Honduras, so we have a multicultural family. I am proud to be who I am and proud to have had the multicultural experience. Hillary’s mission represents my husband. It represents me. It represents our children. It represents our future. And it represents what’s most important for us as people in America and people of color.

Today, what’s most important to me is seeing a woman who has earned her place in leadership. Hillary Clinton has earned her place. It’s not about her womanhood, although that’s a great promise. She is the most qualified candidate on either side of the table. And I think anybody who denies that is absolutely remiss. They’re not paying attention to what’s important, and what’s important is that she has been a fierce leader for longer than I’ve been alive, and she’s continuing to be that fierce leader. That’s why I believe in her.

Why wouldn’t you get involved in making history and help elect the first and absolutely most qualified woman candidate? What are you waiting for? What’s the hold up? I know a lot of people say, “Oh, you’re voting for her just because she’s a woman.” No, it’s not just because she’s a woman. She was an attorney. She was a fierce community activist. She was the First Lady of Arkansas. She’s been the First Lady of our country. She’s been Secretary of State. She’s been a Senator from New York.

If you talk about progress, of leadership, she has taken every single step for the progression of leadership, and she has done it as a wife and as a mother. I’m a wife. I’m a mother. I understand those responsibilities. Those responsibilities are great responsibilities. To do all that she has done with those additional responsibilities speaks volumes about who she is as a person. I feel comfortable with her as my president knowing that she has what it takes to lead.

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