I fought for women’s rights in the 1960's

And now I’m fighting to make sure those rights don’t get taken away

“I am 85 years old and have been a proud Democrat since I was three years old! One of my earliest political experiences was when I was a little girl — my mother pulled me in a red wagon while she passed out literature for Democratic candidates. I stood with FDR and listened to his fireside chats, and now I am proudly standing with Hillary.

“I’ve been an active Democrat for many years and I was making phone calls for Hillary until the last hour of the primary in 2008. In fact, there were five other women that volunteered with me eight years ago and we still meet every Friday to volunteer for the campaign—we’re Hillary’s Ladies! It is so important for the country to have a woman president.

“I campaigned in the 1960’s for women’s’ rights and voting rights. I am seeing that some of those rights we fought so hard for are slowly being evaporated. In my lifetime, it was difficult for me to apply for a credit card as a single woman with a decent job. Progress takes time, but if you continue to work at it, change is possible.

Florence in line to vote first on Wednesday with Hamilton County’s “Hillary’s Ladies”

“My grandmother used to tell me about the time when women couldn’t vote. She used to say to me, ‘You will be president one day.’ I wish I could tell her it wasn’t me, but we will make sure one of the most qualified people that ever ran for president gets there. Being the first to vote in Hamilton County on Wednesday morning with my Hillary Ladies was incredible. Ohio is THE path to the White House, and we’re in this together to make sure it gets done. So deal me in!”

— Florence M, Cincinnati, OH

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