In 1996 my son nearly died—thanks to Hillary Clinton, he’s still alive today

As a baby, my son was misdiagnosed with complex congenital heart defects. The local hospital told me to take him home to die—but I wasn’t ready to give up. Today, he is 19 years old and attending college. Hillary was part of his road to recovery.

Hillary for Ohio
Nov 3, 2016 · 3 min read

“I’m with Hillary and I’ve been so since 1996. In that year, my son was transferred to Mott Hospital for Children at the University of Michigan. He was being treated for complex congenital heart defects. The local hospital had misdiagnosed my son and told me to take him home to die. However, the wonderful staff at the University of Michigan took care of my son and saved him. Today, he is 19 years old and attending college. Hillary was part of his road to recovery.

“During my son’s first month of hospitalization, I would walk past a plaque that was dedicated to Hillary Clinton every day. I remember that the plaque was located on the bottom of the stairs in a hallway that was on the way to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. The hospital recognized Hillary for donating the profits from her book to the hospital — this stood out to me because I never saw a plaque recognize someone until then. It made me think about how much she really cares about helping people. I have told my son this story many times, and now this is the first presidential election in which he is registered to vote.

“One issue that is particularly important to me is making sure the Affordable Care Act is around to stay. The ACA has made it possible for my son to stay on our health insurance until he turns 26. I know many people who have benefitted from the ACA, and I believe that we must protect this law. Many of my clients that I work with are financially strapped and the health care law has made a difference in their lives. Hillary will protect the ACA and won’t let anyone repeal the law.

“I am a big fan of Hillary and I appreciate the work she has done to make things better for women and children. She is so intelligent, and understands the way a global society works. Hillary has experience negotiating with world leaders and I feel comfortable that she can handle any situation that comes her way. She is credible—but I feel that many people are reluctant to see a professional women achieve great heights. As a professional woman myself, I can relate. I received my Bachelors in Nursing from Cincinnati and my Masters from Ohio State. I was a nurse for years and eventually decided to attend law school at Capital University, which is located in Columbus. While in law school, I worked as a nurse to help support my family. I have seen instances where people didn’t want to see professional women advance in their careers. But there is no comparing her to Trump. He is disrespectful towards women and children, and he has no control of his emotions. Those aren’t the qualities of a president. Hillary is an outstanding person and I think some people take it for granted that many of the opportunities that we have today are due to the work Hillary did decades ago. She is a champion and this is a significant event in our nation’s history. I am proud to say ‘I’m with her’, and cannot wait to elect the first woman president!”

— Amy Sue T., North Columbus

Hillary has been fighting for children and families like Amy Sue’s her entire career.

Hillary for Ohio

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