Photo Essay: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and more join Ohio Together for weekend of action

This past weekend, Ohio Together organizers and volunteers spread across the state to knock on doors, make phone calls, and register voters for the #OHVotesEarly Weekend of Action. And they weren’t alone—joining in on the fun were Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, John Lithgow and Richard Schiff, who visited Ohio to help out and talk about the importance of these last few weeks of the campaign!

Their visits included several college campus stops, where they emphasized the importance of young people getting involved in this election by registering to vote, making sure their friends and family members are registered, and volunteering with Ohio Together in their communities. They showed crowds that getting involved is easy—and an important investment in our nation’s future!

“In order to move forward, we must bring people together, not divide people up.” —Bernie Sanders
“Republicans repeatedly undercut collective bargaining — well we believe that unions built America’s middle class. Republicans want to get rid of the minimum wage — well we believe that no one working a full time job should live in poverty. Republicans have no problem with women making less than men, and they have no problem removing funding for Planned Parenthood — well we believe in equal pay for equal work and we believe in a woman’s right to choose! And we believe that equal is equal, and that is true in marriage and it is true in love.” —Elizabeth Warren

Don’t miss out on the fun—join us for our next weekend of action! Add your name now, and an organizer will be in touch.

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