When Maddie met Madeleine

One ten-year-old gets the chance to meet her namesake—and the first female Secretary of State.

Ohioan and proud Hillary supporter Kathy has a passion for history—and her mission as a historian is to pass on that interest to young people.

“I want to show them the struggles and the triumphs that got us to where we are as a nation. I believe that learning history is the only way we can truly understand the society in which we live,” she says.

Kathy has successfully passed on that love for history to her ten-year-old daughter, Maddie—named after America’s first female Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. Maddie loves learning about the world that she lives in as much as her mother does, and went to watch Kathy cast her ballot for Hillary Clinton on October 12, Ohio’s first day of early voting. Kathy even wore a white pantsuit!

This past Sunday, Maddie finally had the chance to not only meet her namesake, but introduce her at a Hillary for Ohio event in Cleveland.

“Even though I won’t be able to vote for another eight years, I’ve been following this election since January. I think that Hillary is the ONLY choice for President — she cares about kids, women’s rights and opportunities for everyone regardless of who they are. She’s someone who gives me a powerful feeling in my heart!” Maddie said.

“I love learning about history, especially about the women who’ve helped build this country. It is such a huge honor to meet and to introduce my namesake, Madeleine Albright!”

“She’s someone who gives me a powerful feeling in my heart!”
We’re so proud of you, Maddie!

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