Hillary for Pennsylvania Announces LGBT Leadership Council

As Donald Trump Doubles Down on Campaign of Hate, New Council To Outline Clear Stakes In This Election for LGBT Pennsylvanians

Hillary for Pennsylvania launched today a group of diverse LGBT Pennsylvanians supporting Hillary Clinton and her commitment to reach the promise of full equality. Hillary Clinton believes that we must stand firm and keep fighting until every American can not only marry, but also live, work, pray, learn and raise a family free from discrimination and prejudice. She believes that America is at its best when we are inclusive, open, and striving towards true equality.

Donald Trump has welcomed the support of anti-LGBT, anti-choice and Islamophobic backers, and appeared at the Values Voter Summit earlier this month, a political conference that has brought together some of the most extreme individuals of the far right and further exposed the extent to which Trump and his advisers have embraced disturbing and dangerous views.

Members of the LGBT Leadership Council have all committed to taking an action in support of Clinton’s grassroots campaign, such as phone banking, door knocking, letter writing or hosting a grassroots organizing event.

Actress Uzo Aduba will officially launch the LGBT Leadership Council September 24 at 6:30 PM at Knock Restaurant in Philadelphia.

“Gay rights are human rights. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton took the necessary steps and distinct efforts to improve the lives of LGBT people in counties around the world. Not only did she improve the lives for LGBT employees at the State Department, but she also made sure that the treatment of LGBT people in foreign counties around the world were accounted for as part of our foreign policy efforts,” said Brian Sims, State Representative, Philadelphia.

“As a gay man, I still lack the basic rights that others in my state are granted every day. To think that in the state of Pennsylvania, LGBT people are able to be fired or be kicked out of our homes for being who they are is a disgrace. This is why we need to pass the Equality Act, so that every person regardless of gender, sexuality, background or race is allowed the same provisions, and all the more reason why I am voting for Hillary Clinton because she is adamant about passing this law,” said Adrian Shanker, Chair of the LGBT Caucus of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Allentown.

“In states across America, our friends and family can see us celebrate our love and marry on the weekend, only to be fired from work the next Monday. This intolerance is best personified by Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence. We must send a clear message to those who seek to drag us backwards into a culture that shames the LGBT community for who we choose to be and love: we will never go back. With so much at stake in this election, we need a champion who will defend the progress we’ve made and expand the protections for our community. That champion is Hillary Clinton. I am proud of who I am and no politician should take away my rights because of who I love,” said Frank Winn, Pittsburgh.

“LGBT people have made great strides in this country, but we still have a long way to go — especially when it comes to transgender rights. Hillary Clinton has listened to our voices and knows what we’re up against, whether its violence targeted at our community or everyday hurdles like gender markers on identification documents. She has real plans to address our issues, and I’m proud to stand with her today,” said Joanne Carroll, transgender activist, Lancaster.

“As an LGBT American, Donald Trump’s discriminatory positions toward gay people cut deep. On the other hand, Hillary has stood up for our rights for decades. This November, I implore my fellow citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton and remember that love trumps hate,” said Alex Reber, Vice Chair, Dauphin County Democratic Committee, Millersburg.

“Hillary Clinton will fight to protect and secure full equality for trans Americans, and will stand up again discrimination and violence towards our community. I know she will be an important partner in advocating for LGBT people across the country which is why I’m supporting her for president,” said Sharron Cooks, Philadelphia.

“Hillary Clinton has spent her life fighting for children and families and will continue that fight for LGBT youth and families. From discriminatory adoption laws to school climates and youth homelessness, Hillary Clinton has a real plan to address structural issues that still face our community, and I’m standing with her in this fight,” said D’Ontace Keyes, Philadelphia.

Hillary for Pennsylvania LGBT Leadership Council

  • State Representative Brian Sims, Philadelphia
  • Bruce Kraus, President, Pittsburgh City Council
  • Mike Weis, Philadelphia
  • Ben Allatt, Dauphin County
  • Mel Heifetz, Philadelphia
  • Adrian Shanker, Chair, LGBT Caucus, Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Allentown
  • Anne Wakabayashi, Philadelphia
  • Sharron Cooks, Philadelphia
  • Gary A. Van Horn Jr., Pittsburgh
  • Malcolm Kenyatta, Philadelphia
  • Frank Winn, Pittsburgh
  • D. D’Ontace Keyes, Philadelphia
  • Mike Testa, Pittsburgh
  • Chris Bartlett, Philadelphia
  • Mark Barbee, City Council, Borough of Bridgeport
  • DJ Ryan, Allegheny
  • Stephen Glassman, Reading
  • Jordan Ball, Pittsburgh
  • Alison Perelman, Philadelphia
  • Jacob Glessner, Northampton County
  • Michael Testa, Allegheny County
  • Mark Segal, Philadelphia
  • Dalen Hooks, Pittsburgh
  • Deryck Tines, Allegheny County
  • Barbara Kigozi, Philadelphia
  • Basilio Bonilla Jr., Bethlehem
  • Sara Jacobson, Philadelphia
  • Tony Campisi, Delaware
  • Gillian Kratzer, Altoona
  • Julie Chovanes, Philadelphia
  • Alex Reber, Millersburg
  • Sherrie Cohen, Philadelphia
  • Rafael Alvarez Febo, Philadelphia
  • Joanne Carroll, Lancaster
  • Tracie Palmer, Philadelphia
  • Mark Dobbins, Philadelphia
  • Micah Mahjoubian, Philadelphia
Hillary for Pennsylvania

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Hillary for Pennsylvania is the official account for our team in PA working to elect @HillaryClinton. Follow us for updates & to get involved! #ProudToBePA

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