why do i lyke Hillary

Sup fam, its ya boi hillarylover!!!!!!’

Im often asked, why do I lyke hillary??? Isnt she a lier and a corperate chrill???

Well, ever since I was a baby (2003), ive liked hillary, deep down inside mii. She is really fighting for us! Even though im australian, ive alwways felt connected to the USA. sometimes when Im at chermi cinemas with my boiz Does that make sence and Sexy Young Aryan Boi whatching the newist fast and furious film I often think of hillary and her love for all children.

The best thing about hillary is choise of gender, because GENDER IS A CHOICE!!!!! NOT SOMETHING YOU ARE BOURNE (LOL)WITH!!! As a woman hillary has the potential to change global politics. If/when hilary is president she will be the first woman leader in the history of the world!!!!!!!

So my top kek dankk harambae lovers why not vote for #HILLARY and make history!!!


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