For students at Iowa State University, voting for Hillary has never been easier.

As a new early voting location opens in Union Hall, we spoke to three students about why they’re voting for Hillary.

In this year’s election, we’re not just fighting to win, we’re fighting to decide how our futures will unfold. Perhaps no group feels this more keenly than young voters, that generation that has experienced the twin burdens of student loan debt and the Great Recession pinch at them throughout their lifetimes. As early voting continues across Iowa, one thing is certain: Only Hillary Clinton has a plan that will help students like those at Iowa State University.

“I’m a criminal justice and political science double major,” says Tanner Jones, a sophomore who initially caucused for Bernie Sanders but is happy to vote for Hillary. “I plan on supporting Hillary,” he says, because “I just agree with the platform that Hillary is running on more so than other candidates, even third party ones.”

“College debt and job creation” are the two issues that matter most to Tanner. “When I graduate, I’m more concerned about A., getting a job, and B., not being burdened down by debt.” For students currently enrolled in college or for graduates carrying student debt, Hillary will fight to ensure that all borrowers can refinance their loans at current rates, a plan that will help over 311,000 Iowa borrowers alone.

College affordability also appeals to Taylor Blair, a freshman, but so does Hillary’s long-time commitment to social justice. “Tim Kaine came to our campus,” Taylor says, “and he said, ‘If you want to see what someone really believes in, then look at what they were doing before they were in public office, and see if they continue to do that.’”

“And you know, Hillary graduated from Yale, worked in the Children’s Defense Fund, and she kept working,” Taylor says. “That’s what she’s been doing her whole life: Working on human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, disability rights… She’s kept that up, and it’s still the bedrock of her campaign.”

It’s a testament to her character, and it’s what also appeals to Michelle Jacoby, a sophomore who ordinarily leans Republican. “Once Donald Trump got the nomination,” she says, “I was kind of, ‘I don’t support what he supports, so I just don’t want to vote for him.’”

As a senior in high school in northern Virginia, Michelle worked for a woman who was friends with Anne Holton’s parents, former Governor of Virginia A. Linwood Holton, Jr. and Virginia Rogers. “Working with her, I learned a lot about Tim Kaine,” says Michelle, “and overall, I really think he’s a genuinely good person, and I think he will be a wonderful vice president” for Hillary.

“Watching and hearing about what Hillary’s doing with her plans,” Michelle continues, “I have eased into what she’s representing. …I really do think she will be a very qualified and very good president.”

Luckily for these three Iowa State students, voting early for Hillary just became even easier: Today, a satellite voting location opens at ISU’s Union Hall. And for any off-campus students or students at other colleges, can help you find your closest polling location. For young voters concerned about student debt and working towards a better future, Hillary is here to help.