Hillary Clinton will be a great president on foreign policy because she knows what’s going on in the world.”

One Des Moines veteran tells us why he thinks Hillary’s got what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief.

“President of the United States” isn’t just a job that carries domestic responsibilities — it’s a position that requires global leadership, too. We spoke with Marc Wallace, a Des Moines lawyer and veteran of the United States Army, about why he thinks Hillary is the only candidate who can successfully lead our armed forces and represent America abroad.

What’s your background?

I grew up in Des Moines. My sons are now the fourth generation in East High School, actually. My grandmother worked in politics and in the State Senate, and I grew up with that kind of across the freeway, in the state Capitol.

So I went into the Army. I studied German at the Presidio of San Francisco, and we competed favorably and well with Stanford and Berkeley in our language and learning. It’s an unusual soldier background…I got sent to Germany with the Third Armored Division, this was in the later ’80s. We had an active Cold War task. The Third Armored Division’s task was to guard what was called the Fulda Gap, which is this kind of valley area heading into Central West Germany which they probably would have invaded. Vladimir Putin was on the other side, actually working for the KGB at that time, and his job was to make sure the East Germans were suppressed.

What motivates your support of Hillary?

As a soldier and a veteran, I want leadership that doesn’t exacerbate the problem and put more people in harm’s way. Every soldier deserves the kind of leadership that’s going to make sure they’re needed and not just used. Sending people off to war without thinking about taking care of them after the war, and whether they needed to be sent into harm’s way, is irresponsible at best and reprehensible in many respects.

I think we need leadership that understands the role of our nation’s military. Some people need to be protected in this world from bad actors, and we need to be a good actor. We need to have people who are ready to respond to that and get in the way and take care of problems that present themselves. But we don’t need to seek them out. We don’t need to create them. We don’t need our rhetoric to do the saber-rattling that causes other people to get motivated to take up arms against us.

I think Hillary’s learned a good lesson from the Iraq War. I think that Hillary as Secretary of State understood how diplomacy should actually work, and how we build relationships through our State Department and our embassies. That is a more sustainable future….I think that Hillary Clinton will be a great president on foreign policy because she knows what’s going on in the world and she knows who’s working on the issues in so much of the rest of the world personally. She has relationships with people who are solving problems and has sustained those relationships. The presidency is no place for on the job training.

Early voting starts September 29th. To anyone in Iowa who might be waffling on early voting or even voting at all, what would you say to them to convince them to take advantage of their vote?

The funny thing is that all of the phone calls will end as soon as soon as you vote! But I will say, as an Iowan, people are well aware of the electioneering, the telephone calls, the door knocks, but I don’t think we really appreciate why that effort is made.

It’s really important to get everybody’s vote, and it saves a lot of time and energy on Election Day to make sure that those ballots are cast early. It allows us free time to help a neighbor who may need it to get to the ballot box, or to educate our children about the process in your home as you fill out your ballot.

I think in 2016 there’s been a lot of focus on whether candidates are perfect. Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s ever been perfect. What’s really important about voting this year is making sure we have a prepared and proven-successful president so we can head into the future with the greatest certainty that we can avoid the bigger problems that would be presented otherwise.

Diplomacy isn’t always as easy as it looks. If you agree, commit to vote early for Hillary Clinton in Iowa, and read more of how she made the world a better place as Secretary of State.