“I just think she’s a good human being.”

Representative Emanuel Cleaver tells us why he’s voting for Hillary — and why you should, too.

Representative Emanuel Cleaver said it best during his Democratic National Convention speech this summer: When people try to throw Hillary down, “she won’t stay throwed!” Recently, he came to Iowa to help us make some phone calls for Hillary and to tell us why he’s with her.

Why do you support Hillary Clinton, and what does “stronger together” mean to you?

I’ve known Secretary Clinton and President Clinton since they were the first family of Arkansas. And I saw them as a man and woman committed to actually making America better, and that’s process that moves along in history. You follow a line, and each line, each little movement, means that you’re making progress, and I think that’s what they worked on.

I also think that she is a person who some of the Republican newspapers are calling the most qualified person to ever run for the presidency. And when Hillary Clinton speaks about togetherness, which has been a theme of her entire election, she is not just trying to find some fancy words to use. It’s how she has already lived.

You mentioned that you’ve known Hillary for many years. Do you have any favorite memories of her?

Yes, I do. One year, my youngest son and I went jogging with her…We were jogging, raising money, for a young girl who was paralyzed, and they needed some star power to participate in this run. And there’s the first lady of the United States, out running.

So I just think she’s a good human being…I think once she gets into the White House and is able to govern, [that’s] what she does best. She was an excellent senator, even by the Republican standards — John McCain and Lindsey Graham issued praise for her work in the Senate.

Early voting is currently going on in Iowa. Why do you think Iowans should take advantage of early voting?

Iowans should take advantage of early voting ’cause we don’t know God’s weather plans. The first week of November, you would think it’s going to be decent, but I can remember a big snow storm across Kansas City in October when I was mayor…If you don’t want to take a chance, use one of those bright sunny days of October to go out and vote.

If you agree with Representative Cleaver, check out our list of events and make some phone calls of your own for Hillary — or look up your closest polling location and vote early today!