Hillary Clinton will invest in our children.

by Natha Anderson

As Washoe County Schools open their doors, thousands of Nevada parents, educators, and children will experience the same feeling that is a milestone in every child’s life filled with photos, laughter and tears for parents and children alike. Every child will be greeted by a caring educator who wants them to succeed academically and emotionally. Every door will be opened for everyone.

Hillary Clinton has consistently focused on opening doors to opportunity for everyone. As a mother, a policy expert and a young lawyer working for the Children’s Defense Fund, with her introduction of the Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (a program as a resource for low-income parents which operates in twenty-one states today) she realized these opportunities should not be tied to a zip code. She has fought to raise academic standards, increase teacher salaries, reduce class sizes and create comfortable classroom environments where students are able to learn, not just test.

Always seeking to make change, she has worked to move along solutions to create opportunity for as many children as possible. Hillary already has a plan to invest strategically in our public education system so that all kids are given an experience that allows them to develop their skills and thrive. She has her eye on both the foundation and the future of our children; her plan includes investment in modernizing and elevating the teaching profession, so that those who dedicate their lives every day to our future are compensated adequately for their critical contributions. She will also establish a program that gives states the money they need to rebuild their schools so that all kids can connect to the internet, and have enough space to let their imaginations see no limits. As part of her plan, she will invest $2 billion to encourage states to establish social and emotional support programs.

I believe Hillary’s vision encourages and allows for our kids to learn in schools with library services, room for our special education classes to be in actual classroom and every room has wireless connection. Her plan would invest in public education (as opposed to her opponent who believes we invest too much in public education). It is a plan which recognizes the role of educators is far more than testing. Finally, the most important part of Hillary’s plan, is about people. She recognizes our kids, all kids, are the most important part of education. That is why come Election Day, she will have my full support as an educator, because our children deserve a promising future that allows them to see their full potential.

Natha Anderson is a native Nevadan, third generation educator, and President of the Washoe Education Association.

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