An Open Letter to New Hampshire Business Owners and Republicans, From Two New Hampshire Business Owners and Republicans

To Our Colleagues and Fellow Business Owners:

When we chose to start our businesses, we did so accepting that there was some level of risk we would have to take. Beginning a business and realizing your dreams often carries a risk. However, we would never commit our time, money, or reputations to any endeavor that we knew lacked merit, was deemed too risky to work, or involved projections that just did not add up. This election, we are faced with a candidate who could put our national and state economies in danger and risk the health of our businesses. We do not believe that New Hampshire business owners — whether Democrats or Republicans — should be willing to take that gamble.

Our livelihoods hang in the balance.

Donald Trump’s façade of success as a businessman is just that, a façade. In fact, many of his ventures (Trump Vodka, Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks to name a few) have failed in dramatic fashion — including four bankruptcies. Trump may have had the resources to see businesses come and go, but his workers and shareholders paid a significant price. People lost their jobs and their savings while Mr. Trump found a way to get paid time and again. Can you imagine if we treated our employees the way that Trump had? As expendable. Can you fathom bankrupting venture after venture, taking home wads of cash while destroying hundreds of jobs? We ask you — our colleagues — to consider the repercussions of this sort of behavior in your communities.

In Laconia and Berlin, we rely on our reputations to be successful. We have built trust.

This man repeatedly destroyed lives and tried to make a killing off of his mismanagement. He is a fraud whose number one goal is always to promote himself.

However, if you dig a bit, you can find the facts around Trump’s economic proposals. The Chamber of Commerce said that his policies “would make America recession bound again.” In a report by one of John McCain’s former economic advisers, it was projected that a Trump presidency could lead to close to 3.5 million lost jobs. Mitt Romney said, his policies “would lead to recession.” Donald Trump proudly called himself “the king of debt,” which explains why he put forward a tax plan that would increase the national debt by more than $30 trillion over twenty years. We know that if we want to keep the lights in our businesses, we have to pay our bills; but Trump suggested that he’d threaten to default on our country’s debt — causing a global economic catastrophe.

Is this the kind of executive you want making economic decisions? A man who said that he was “excited” about the housing market collapse, which delivered a devastating blow to businesses in New Hampshire,drained families’ savings, and cost 25,000 people in our state their jobs? In local communities across this state, business owners understand that what happens to one of us impacts all of us. So many of us worked too hard to keep our businesses viable during the recession to put Donald Trump at the helm of our country’s economy.

I am asking you today to put our communities, our economy, and our businesses ahead of party affiliation.

We both voted for Republican candidates in the presidential primary this year, but neither of us believed we would see Donald Trump become the nominee of our party.

We have determined that Hillary Clinton has the economic plan and steadiness needed to continue the economic growth we’ve seen in the last 8 years.
She has said that she wants to be “the small business president,” and we believe her.
This November, we will be casting our ballots in support of Hillary Clinton, because the success of our communities and the love we have for our businesses trumps loyalty to the GOP any day.
We ask other New Hampshire Republicans and business leaders to join us.


Donna Hosmer
Wayne Presby

To learn more about Hillary Clinton’s plans to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, text NH to 47246 and visit

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