To College Women From College Women: Trump Will Roll Back Your Rights

Every young woman in New Hampshire must be aware of the fact that Donald Trump has spelled out exactly how he plans to roll back your reproductive rights.

Last week, in a letter to anti-abortion leaders and groups like Susan B. Anthony List — an organization committed to opposing abortion without exceptions AND several forms of contraception, including emergency contraception and copper IUDs — Trump makes clear that he would engineer an attack on our constitutional right to make our own health care choices should he be elected president.

Trump’s letter adamantly opposes the right of women to have access to abortion. Not only that, he assures his anti-choice supporters that he would nominate justices to the Supreme Court who would reverse Roe v. Wade, sign a restrictive ban on types of abortions into law, and would defund Planned Parenthood. He also names Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of Susan B. Anthony List, as the leader of his “Pro-Life Coalition.”

[For those of you unfamiliar with Dannenfelser’s work, she has said that an abortion exception for rape is “abominable” and supports legislation without exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the mother.]

Whether you are leaning Trump, undecided, or leaning Hillary, we beg you to ask yourselves whether you want to live in a country in which our president believes women who seek abortions should be subject to “punishment.”

We ask you to consider whether you want your president partnering with a group that supports candidates who would imprison a woman for seeking an abortion.

Ask yourself whether you want to risk putting a man in the Oval Office who has pledged to put a judge on the Supreme Court who could change the law in a way that forces a woman to go through with a pregnancy conceived by an act of sexual violence.

Ask yourself if you want to be the kind of person who sat home on Election Day, only to wake up on November 9th to the realization that the man who has called women “fat pigs” and “dogs,” who has said breastfeeding is “disgusting,” who has suggested that military sexual assault is expected because men and women serve together, and that a woman who works is “a dangerous thing” is now going by “Mr. President.”

You may still have some questions about Hillary Clinton, but she has always and will always fight for women to make their own health care decisions. She believes that the Hyde Amendment is discriminatory and wrong and should be overturned. And she will not let people like Donald Trump call the shots for us. She’s going to fight until Donald Trump is nothing but an unfortunate footnote of history.

Stand with us today and every day between now and November 8th. Talk to your friends and neighbors about this. Work every day to elect a women’s champion like Hillary Clinton. Make your voices are heard.

Donald Trump is not our ally. He is not harmless, and he is not entertaining. He stands against everything we believe in. And we must take control now so that Donald Trump can never, ever take that control from us.


Sarah Atac, Dartmouth College, Alpha Phi Alumni Chair

Charlotte Blatt, Dartmouth College, Dartmouth College Democrats President

Freya Jamison, Dartmouth College, Women’s Forum Member

Sydney Kamen, Dartmouth College, Dartmouth College Democrats Member

Sai Mupparaj, Dartmouth College, Woman in Science Program Mentor

Sophie Chun, University of New Hampshire, Member of UNH College Dems

Alana Davidson, University of New Hampshire, Member of UNH College Dems

Molly Ohman, University of New Hampshire, Member of UNH College Dems

Vianca Ramirez, Plymouth State University, President of Psychology Club

Elena Ryan, University of New Hampshire, President of UNH College Dems

Fatima Brees, Plymouth State University, Plymouth State University Pride President

Gabrielle Davis, Plymouth State University, Events Officer of Gaming Club at PSU

Paige Shoppmann, Plymouth State University, President and Founder of Save All

Shannon Spaulding, Plymouth State University, President of PSU College Democrats

Emma Cote, Keene State College, Co-President of Feminist Club

Katrina Feraco, Keene State College, Co-President of Feminist Club

Ally McNamee, Keene State College, Secretary of Keene State College Democrats

Abby Shephard, Keene State College, Keene State College Democrats Member