#OurFights are Hillary’s Fights: Abby, Columbia, SC

“I’m applying to colleges right now, and one of my biggest worries is being able to afford it. My family is part of the middle class — my dad is a ship captain, and my mom recently got a grant to attend a local technical school, which helped her get a job. But my parents are concerned, because they can’t afford to send my younger brother and me to school without help. We’re in an awkward place where we can’t afford $60,000 a year, but can’t get financial aid.

Hillary wants to permanently extend the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which provides families like mine with up to $2,500 in tax relief for tuition and other expenses. It’s set to expire after 2017, and that could make it harder for my family, and up to 11 million others, to pay for school. Her plan to make college more affordable is really going to help me and my family.”

— Abby, a fall fellow

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