#BigBlockOfCheeseDay: Fellows Edition

In honor of #BigBlockOfCheeseDay, we’re giving Wisconsinites an inside look at each department. Some of the most important people in our office? Our Fellows! Every single day, they are working hard to keep Wisconsin blue and turn out the vote. Check out a day in the life!

We’re some of the fellows at Wisconsin’s HQ!

My name is Cody and I’m a junior at UW-Madison. I’ve had an avid interest in politics since I was young, and couldn’t be more excited to cast my first vote for Hillary. I got involved with the Hillary for Wisconsin campaign because I knew this election was too important to sit on the sidelines. I also love technology, and social media, so getting to work on the digital team on the campaign has been extremely rewarding (and highly informative)! With the stakes being so high in this election, I’m proud to play my part in helping to elect Hillary Clinton.

Hey everyone, I’m Brendan (the one on the right of Hillary!). I’m a senior at UW-Madison, studying political science and digital studies. I’m working for the communications and digital teams at Hillary for Wisconsin. I’m fighting for Hillary because the stakes in this election are so high — we’ve made a lot of progress in the past eight years and we can’t turn back. As a member of the LGBT community, I know she has my back and will fight for me every day in the White House.

Hillary never backs down, she never gives up, and I can’t wait to call her Madame President.

Hello everyone, it’s Claudia — the one on the far right! I’m a sophomore at UW-Madison and a communications fellow here at HQ! When Hillary announced that she was running for president, I knew that I wanted to be involved in her campaign. I have admired her passion for her work for as long as I can remember. I truly could not be more proud that the first time I will be voting for a president will be for Hillary Clinton! Working on this campaign has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had; the people are wonderful, the cause is so important, and each day is so exciting.

Check out a day in the life as a fellow!

8 a.m.

With school, jobs, and this fellowship — coffee is a must. We swung by our local Colectivo to grab a few (large) coffees and are headed to the office! — Brendan

9 a.m.

We’re ready to work! Claudia and I are tracking the morning news to see what they’re covering throughout the state. On the digital side, Cody is creating content for the Hillary for Wisconsin social media pages. — Brendan

One of the best parts of the campaign is that every day is different!

Today, Claudia is writing a piece about Hillary’s college affordability plan. Meanwhile, Cody and I are prepping for a Facebook live with Bradley Whitford and Marlee Matlin. — Brendan

12 p.m.

The campaign is always having events around the state! I’m making calls to make sure supporters, media, and elected officials have all of the details.

The news never stops! I’m checking out the afternoon newscasts. — Claudia

The internet provides endless streams of entertaining content that I like to integrate into our campaign’s social media posts.

Not going to lie, I love to find ways to throw in a gif or fun photo into our social media. — Cody

4 p.m.

When we’re not helping elect Hillary you can usually find us in class!

Texting WI to 47246 is obviously the most important lesson of all. Tons of Wisconsinites are doing it to get information about the campaign, like when we have special guests headed to town or when they can begin early voting!

6 p.m.

Phone banking is an important part of the campaign. Our local campus field office on State Street in Madison provides volunteers with an opportunity to reach out to members of their community to talk about early voting and volunteering.

It’s also a place where we can help get voters registered and provide them with the information they need to cast their historic ballots!

8 p.m.

After a full day of working we love heading to The Terrace!

Working with the Hillary for Wisconsin team has been an extremely rewarding experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to get to work alongside such dedicated people in the pursuit of a common goal.

The best part about being a fellow is that you get to hear countless stories from voters. One that sticks out to me in particular was the story a single mother told of trying to raise her sons as feminists. I grew up with a single mom, and she taught me the exact same thing. Moments like that are heartwarming, and make this experience all the more meaningful. — Cody

Being a part of the Hillary for Wisconsin team has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I’ve had opportunities I could have never imagined, like this summer when I got to livestream onto the Democratic National Convention’s floor and share to the entire country why #ImWithHer.

I love going to work every day and being surrounded by incredible people who are all excited to make history and elect Hillary Clinton. We have 17 days left and we need your help. Knock some doors, make a few phone calls, and most importantly — VOTE! — Brendan

Being a part of this campaign has truly been a dream come true. Like Cody and Brendan, I’ve had some incredible opportunities. Like that one time I got to interview Dustin Lance Black! We discussed the importance of getting out to vote in this election, and I cannot reiterate that enough. We need to keep moving forward after eight years of progress. We need someone with as much experience as Hillary.

Get out to vote on Election Day, because it truly makes a difference! Peace, love & HILL! — Claudia

Join us in making a difference!

  1. Find your early vote information: hillaryclinton.com/locate
  2. VOTE!
  3. Volunteer: hillaryclinton.com/gotv