President Bill Clinton visits Wisconsin

President Clinton visited Milwaukee on Saturday to talk about the importance of early voting for Hillary and Russ! With only 30 days to go — it’s crucial every Wisconsinite has all the information they need and heads to the polls.

Ahilya, a Regional Organizing Director in Milwaukee, introduced President Clinton — her one ask?

“Get out there and volunteer, Milwaukee!”
“Hello, Wisconsin!” — President Clinton

“The most important thing in this election right now is making sure we get everyone who supports Hillary Clinton to vote!”

“When you vote for a president, you’re hiring someone for a job. And the job they do will impact everyone in this room and the country.”

“It’s about you — not the politicians. We have a lot of things we need to do to grow together if we’re going to live together. We’re now in a position to rise together and grow together — but it all hinges on this election.”

“We are the only country in the world that has had 79 straight months of job growth — and Hillary is the only candidate who has given a specific plan to dramatically increase small business lending and cut the red tape.”

“Hillary and Bernie Sanders put their two college programs together and came up with a better one than either of them had. The youth & diversity of our workforce is one of the reasons our potential for the American workforce is greater than any other country.”

Read more about Hillary’s college affordability plan here.

“Hillary’s strategy is tear the totem pole down so we can all go forward together. She’s always been the best change agent I’ve ever known.”

“It’s time to get the show on the road. Bring Wisconsin home for us!”

There are only thirty days left of this historic campaign. Spend some time at your local field office making calls, knocking on doors, and doing everything you can to elect Hillary as the next President of the United States.