#WhyImWithHer: Republicans for Hillary Founder, Jenny Lim

Hillary for Wisconsin sat down with Republicans for Hillary co-founder, Jenny Lim, to talk about the importance of voting — and volunteering — for Hillary Clinton.

“I’ve always been a Republican. Some of the earliest memories I have are with my dad are handing out Republican literature when I was six years old at the polling location near our house. From there, I started volunteering for Republican campaigns in Virginia — I’ve done everything from literature drops to phone banking to knocking on every door in my community.

If you had told me last year I’d be speaking at the Democratic National Convention and campaigning for Hillary, I never would have believed you and my husband would have laughed. Let’s just say we have lively policy debates at our house.

There were so many of us in my network who were commiserating with each other during the primaries.

When Republican leaders started endorsing Trump we were shocked and knew we had to get our voice out there — especially being women and having leaders seemingly say it’s acceptable that Trump acts and says these things about us.

So, we started Republican Women for Hillary! We wanted to get the voice of Republican women out there who didn’t believe Donald Trump represented our values or American values. Our group wanted to help others feel comfortable speaking their minds this election and feel like it was okay to vote for Hillary.

We’re here to energize and mobilize Republican women who might otherwise stay at home, not vote, or vote for a third party candidate. We are here to explain to them how critical their vote is this election. Now, they’re out there throwing house parties with their friends, they’re making phone calls, and registering voters.”

I would love to talk about courage a little bit. How did you find the courage to speak up? What was your sparking moment?

“You know, I kind of like to stay on the sidelines, especially in politics. I haven’t gotten involved in campaigns in a while and wanted to stay out of this election. Early on, you could tell what a disaster it was going to be for my party, so I didn’t see a point.

There was no one out there speaking for Republican women — nobody saying it wasn’t okay for the Republican Party to endorse somebody who spoke so horribly about us. I thought about speaking up for a long time. It was a long road to get there but if nobody speaks up about these things, then there won’t be a conversation. We ultimately decided that we had to speak up — we knew there were going to be people who wouldn’t agree with us.

What keeps us going is meeting all of these amazing Republican women who are doing whatever it is they could in their communities to make sure people are voting this election for Hillary Clinton.”