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‘“What makes Lahren such a powerful — and, to many, dangerous — pundit…”

Just be honest and say: “I want to label this girl as dangerous because I don’t agree with her and I am too lazy to engage in discourse.”

Aren’t there like 50 editors working for The Ringer? How does this middle-school level of argumentation worm its way into every political article and podcast? Who is part of this numberless, faceless “many”?

The only thing that’s dangerous here is the simple act of labeling the other political side dangerous in a country with 240 years of peaceful elections. The Nazis convinced the German people to kill 6 million Jews because they were able to label the Jews as “Dangerous Communists” through fearmongering propaganda that painted Communism as a dire threat to German economic recovery after WWI. To be clear, I am absolutely saying that if you label people you simply disagree with as “dangerous” and call to silence their voices, you are following in the footsteps of Nazis. The legacy of this President was supposed to be HOPE, so why are “many” of his supporters here at The Ringer so intent on preaching FEAR?

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