The Ultimate Picture

Every great achievement begins as a dream in someone’s heart”. Bob Gass

There are several definitions of the word picture, but for the purpose of this essay we shall be focusing on pictures as mental images.

What mental picture do you have of yourself and your future? What do you picture yourself doing five years from now? It’s important what you see, because what you see determines what you do. Also, what you see determines the decisions you make on a daily basis. The future you see determines how you live your life today. If you see yourself as a public figure in the near future, notwithstanding where you are today, you will learn to carry yourself as one even before it becomes your reality. More importantly, you will learn to avoid anything that will dent your image tomorrow as a public figure.

“No one is capable of physically creating anything until he first creates it in his mind. All things, they say, are created twice, and the mental creation often precedes the physical creation”

Great men are driven by what they see. You can’t see a glorious future ahead, and settle down in complacency. You can’t see the true picture of yourself and mess around with your life today just because you’re still struggling. What you see ultimately becomes your driving force. So what drives you? What is the object of your mind’s lens? What do you see in your mind that you want to replicate in the physical realm? There are people who don’t have a clear-cut picture of what they want to achieve. For them, anything goes. They are ready to settle for whatever life brings their way. It’s like embarking on a journey without a specific destination in mind. You could end up anywhere.

Okay, so what really does it mean to see the ultimate picture? It means having a vivid picture of who you want to become, where you want to be, and what you want to accomplish in the future; it means seeing yourself beyond your present circumstances and focusing on your dream; it means seeing yourself in light of who you were originally intended by your creator to be. In short, it means having a dream.

There’s so much to be done in the world you can’t afford to live without a dream. If you’ve already achieved your dream, then you need a new and bigger one. The bigger the picture, the bigger the challenges, and the bigger the challenges, the bigger the success story. It was David Oyedepo who said “the extent of your imagination is the boundary of your success”. So if only your mind can picture it, it can be achieved. Whatever is imaginable is achievable.

No one is capable of physically creating anything until he first creates it in his mind. All things, they say, are created twice, and the mental creation often precedes the physical creation. Everything that man has ever made was first a mental picture before it became a reality. All the great architectural masterpieces of our time were first built in the architects’ mind before they were replicated into physical realities. Every great piece of art, painting and literature the world has ever seen were initially mental pictures in the artist’s/writer’s mind. We all love beautiful cars, but often we forget those cars are the product of certain peoples’ creative imagination. In fact, any businessman who cannot clearly picture in his mind the future of his enterprise has no business being in business.

I grew up in an environment that discouraged young people from dreaming big. In those days whenever I told someone about the things I would like to do when I grew up, they will just laugh at me and say things like, you’re only a child, you don’t know what you are saying. Others will say, you this boy, you too get ‘big eye’. And some others will say, you are only fantasizing, or you are building castles in the air. Many young people have been discouraged from dreaming and pursuing their dreams as a result of such negative comments especially, when these comments are coming from people we look up to like parents, teachers and older relatives. But young people need to be encouraged to dream as big as their minds allow them.

“Whatever is imaginable is achievable”

A long time ago I often imagined myself making a name through writing and public speaking. I could picture myself writing a column for major publications and traveling the world speaking and inspiring people to lead more meaningful and fulfilled lives. But at the time, it was pure fantasy because I had no idea what to write or talk about. But the more I pictured it, the more it evolved, and eventually The Ultimate Series was born. The rest is a story for another day.

Imagination isn’t something you do once in a while. It’s something you consciously do every day of your life until those mental images take form and become part of your daily existence.

But seeing the true picture of oneself in times of crisis isn’t easy. There are people who have lost sight of the dreams they once had, others have simply lost all hope of coming out of poverty, let alone achieving those dreams. Sometimes the experiences we go through in life goes a long way in distorting and beclouding the picture we once had of ourselves, thus making us seem incompetent, fearful, beaten and not-good-enough.

But no matter how distorted and confused your life’s picture may seem as a result of condition and circumstances of life, you still have the power to reject those false images that life presents to you that gives you the impression you are poor, you are a failure, you are a disappointment, and a no-body. That isn’t who you are; you are a lot more than that. There’s a lot more about you that haven’t come up yet. You are capable of a lot more than even you can imagine, and what you have done so far is nothing compared to what you are capable of doing. The world is yet to see the best of you.

Friends, it’s time for you to translate the mental pictures of your mind’s lens into physical realities.

To your success.

Hilton Etakoh is a speaker, writer, and author of You Are Too Gifted to be Poor