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Life is a mystical journey of highs and lows, friends and foes.

A book of numbered breaths, or crippled by the fear of death ?

A streak of thorns accompany each rose. Does it wilt away in stress ?

The webs of materialism have blurred our vision.

Achievements may not necessarily bring contentment.

Deciphering the true goal of life is a long and ardent process.

Nevertheless, the struggle is gratifying for each man.

Running after fame, success or wealth should never decorate our wreath.

Happy moments of solitude, a healthy attitude and tons of fortitude is how your life must be viewed.

Unearth your worth by recognising your strengths, unfurl your goodness in the world, sadly drowning in loneliness.

A smile a day, is sure to keep a multitude of evils at bay.

Helping others, spreading your feathers, revelling in every weather is the best kept secret to stay splendid forever.

This world is a wonderland,

smothered with marvel, mystery and magic in surplus,

Make sure you walk your Path riveted in Purpose !!