A message from the Fine Brothers
Fine Brothers Ent.

I pity the fool who buys your bullshit.

Pure intentions? HAH. It’s a clear fact that you greedy cunts have never had pure intentions about anything, that became apparent when you tried to attack Ellen Degeneres because she had kids react to stuff, if not before. Kids reacting to stuff is not your format, it doesn’t belong to you, it never has, it existed before your grandfather was born. And you’re also idiots, since you think people will buy everything. Or well, partially you’re right on that one, many people are idiots and they’ll continue to support you anyway, but at least there’s a sizeable backslash from the non-idiots. 
TL;DR: You’re greedy fucking moronic rat faced scum, end your “network”s and go work at a McDonalds.

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