Holy Shit, August: New Month New Format

Every Monday from here on out I will post a recap of the best hip hop tracks released in the previous week. I will embed the link of a song from a free source (typically SoundCloud or YouTube) and share with you my thoughts and insight on them and whatever else is on my mind at the time. I’m still thinking of a better name and the best way to do this, so please bear with me as I evolve. Enjoy…

This week features an eclectic group of songs. Below you’ll find a Paak. appearance, some Charlie Heat production and a head banger from Jazz Cartier, among others. Let’s not waste time here.

Dang! ft Anderson .Paak- Mac Miller

Dang! (literally). My favorite track released this week. It comes to us as Mac’s first single off his upcoming project The Divine Feminine, which apparently will see contributions from music gods Kendrick Lamar and Robert Glasper. I was pleasantly surprised to see .Paak’s feature on this one, but then again .Paak is everywhere these days. Mac deviates from his famed mellowed-out flow and delivers a soulful collection of verses over a funky beat; .Paak holds it down on the hook. I‘ll be bumping this at full volume the next few weeks trying to hold on to what remains of summer. Yes lawd!

Just in Case- Jazz Cartier

Remember a minute ago when I said Dang! was my favorite track this week? I lied. Jacuzzi brings us a hard one that demonstrates his unique style and production. If you have yet to dabble with Jazz Cartier I would highly recommend checking out his third tape Hotel Paranoia. My favorite track is TALES. Looking forward to hearing more from the kid.

CUTE (prod by Charlie Heat)- D.R.A.M.

D.R.A.M. does real ass music. The kid from VA has Cha Cha, Broccoli, a feature on Coloring Book and now this, so I’d say he’s starting to make a name for himself in the game. I love when an artist can switch between rapping and singing and make both sound good. Not many artists can do it well but those who do definitely stand out (Tory Lanez, Chance). I’ll be bumping this at parties throughout August along with Dang! because most of my friends can’t handle the hard shit like Just in Case.

Dat $tick (Charlie Heat Version)- Rich Chigga

You may know Charlie Heat from his production on TLOP. He‘s the man behind the Facts beat, replacing the original from Southside. The above track brings some Latin flare to a song I’ve never heard before (sorry Chigga). Makes me want to grab my girl and move my boney-ass hips. Another party track for the crowd…

No Lights & Percocets- Dave East

STOP READING IF YOU’RE ONLY INTO THE SOFT SHIT. I was trying to decide which one of these Dave East songs to post since they both dropped this week and bang hard but then I said fuck it, why not give the kids both? My homie told me about Dave East a few months ago. Said homie mentioned that Dave is from Harlem and is a protégé of Nas. Intrigued, I started to follow Dave’s music and shortly after I became an advocate. Dave goes hard. “Dope house no lights but my gun work.”

SideLine Watching (Hold Up)- Lil Uzi Vert

I’ll end this post with Lil Uzi Vert and a short story. I went to a Travis Scott show this past week at an amphitheater in Coney Island. Since it’s summer break for “the kids” and no one sane enough with a job would travel an hour to Coney Island to see a rap show on a Tuesday night, my homie and I were the oldest attendees by a few years. Metro Boomin opened for Travis with a DJ set. Metro played Future, Metro even played Cudi, but when Metro laid down the first Uzi track the crowd went mental. I saw a kid going so hype that when he looked to his right and realized his friends weren’t matching his hype-ness, he charged to the front of the stage to join the ensuing mosh pit. Lil Uzi Vert is on the come up and he’s got the kids behind him. Today Uzi dropped a mixtape called The Perfect Luv Tape and SideLine stands out the most to me.

I’d like to keep this music sharing gig going so I’ll see y’all next week.