Five point palm exploding heart technique

You know what really grinds my gears? Super-rich people who pick up road cycling as a hobby in the second half of their lives. I’m not talking about a moderately wealthy family from the burbs who enjoy riding alongside the canal on weekends; I’m talking those hedge fund/past-their-prime entrepreneur guys who purchase a limited-edition Cervèlo Rca when they get sick of playing golf 3 days a week. I’m not going to sit here and name names like co-founder of PayPal, Max Levchin, who told Business Insider that it’s not just about quantifying workouts, it’s also “the showing off of equipment, which for cyclists is basically road jewelry.” How about buying 1 million bikes for kids in need? How about pouring all the money you spent on that $20K bike and your Hamptons getaway into institutions advocating for educational reform? I bet those guys hate hip hop.

Chill Bill: Volume 2.

Cousin Stizz, D.R.A.M., and XXL Freshman Denzel Curry joined Rob Stone in curating one hell of a remix to Rob $tone’s original, whistle-filled banger. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve heard a remix where all participants deliver on the same level. This shit bangs.

If you like to dance…

Goldlink has range- more than most. He can go from singing high-pitched and soulful to rapping like a god damn king. His recent album And After That, We Didn’t Talk is a masterpiece. If you have yet to give it a chance, I would highly recommend vibing out to Palm Trees.

Ciscero flows dirty alongside Goldlink, and frequent collaborators Kaytranda and BADBADNOTGOOD carry the production.

Shoutout to my plug(s).

As I mentioned last week, The Healing Component (THC) is due out in less than a month. I’m expecting a spiritually-charged, lyrically mind-fucking compilation of music. After the album release, Mick is set to head on tour with St. Louis artist Smino.

Last Week Mick teamed up with the Toronto-bred jazz quartet, BADBADNOTGOOD, on Drowning. Words can’t describe what this song does to me emotionally. Towards the end of the song, the whole group busts out into what sounds like a face-melting improv session; Mick grounds the rhythm with, “I was high and I was starting to lose focus.” Damn.

Your homework assignment this week is to watch the music video.


Prima Donna is a perfect extension of Vince’s debut album, Summertime ’06. The intro and ensuing six tracks on the EP carry a lot of the same vibes as its predecessor. Smile stood out to me the most, both lyrically and production-wise.

Stryker’s interlude/no hook.

I fell in love with 21 Savage after hearing his recent EP Savage Mode in mid-July. I haven’t stopped listening since. I’ve never come across a voice or style like his- I guess that’s why he’s a XXL Freshman. The EP is one of the darker projects I’ve heard, although the finishing track Ocean Drive brings out some light.

I love the combination of Yachty’s tone and 21’s subdued savageness on this one. [UPDATE] It’s not real but it goes:

Thank you Wiz.

On Thursday I considered leaving this one out of the rotation. I was thinking to myself, “it’s just another Wiz track, there’s a million of these…” A few days later I was driving down the turnpike, Gang Gang at full blast, and it hit me- this isn’t just another Wiz track. The sound perfectly sums up Wiz’s deep music library, from the time he released The Thrill (when I still had braces) until now. Something about the melodious beat and Wiz’s entrance into the final verse really brings me back.

I‘ll be geeking through Labor Day weekend.

On Friday afternoon Isaiah released a new record called Park and showed off the cover art for his upcoming album, The Sun’s Tirade. If this project is anything like the singles he’s been releasing, it’s a guaranteed hit. If it’s not, it’s still a guaranteed hit- the man is that talented.

There’s no emulating this shit.

If you know me well, you know how much I love Migos. I may have been late to the game on the trio, I’m not exactly sure; they first grabbed my ear in the summer of 2014 in a dark, Lower East Side basement. The DJ smoothly transitioned from one song into Quavo’s opening for Bricks. When the Carnage beat dropped, my buddy and I looked at each other in desperate curiosity. We asked the party next to us what song was playing, since they were reciting every line. The rest is history.

I usually gravitate towards Quavo, but Offset absolutely murders this hook. Oh yeah, and Uzi jumps in at the end.

8.22 to 8.28

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