Thanksgiving 2017

Once again, we were honored to host some Dillard students over for Thanksgiving dinner. On the menu: Fried turkey, HoneyBaked ham, greens, Mexican corn, macaroni & cheese, sweet potato casserole, dressing, Oreo cheesecake, pound cake, Italian cream cake, sweet potato pie (courtesy of alumna Jean Kennedy), and cupcakes (courtesy of 11 year old Lydia Kimbrough).

As usual, very little was left. The Oreo cheesecake probably was the hit of the night.

We first had students over in 2009 at Philander Smith College. The picture above is from 2010. Benjamin is in a high chair (he had just turned 2). Carmela (in the gold sweater next to Lydia) has been with us every year since 2009 when she was a freshman.

This is just a simple way to connect with students, as well as provide a home away from home. One of our new transfer students from Nigeria reminded me that doing acts of kindness like this come back to you in some form. I then had to fight him off all night trying to wash dishes. But he did jump in to sweep up a plate Lydia broke.

His words to me are what I am thankful for today.

The Prez

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