Types of Fog Misting Systems

Oct 26, 2017 · 2 min read

Fog can be defined as a visible compound atmosphere which consists of cloud water droplets which are hanging near the earth surface and affects clarity of vision A misting fan is a movable cooling object that directs the movement of moist air by spraying water. The misting system like portable fog fans works by atomizing the water droplets then passing the water through a designed nozzle with high pressure to cool the surrounding as it evaporates.

There are generally three types of misting systems, high-pressure misting systems, mid pressure and low pressure misting systems.

This pump uses between 40 to 60 per square inch of pressure to work, you can easily connect it to the hosepipe or water faucet in the house. The system is able to cool the outdoor temperature up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit at a cost which is not too high making it suitable for low income home owners.

When compared to the low-pressure system the mid-pressure misting systems operates at a pressure of up to 160 psi In comparison to a low-pressure misting system, the mid-pressure system requires a 160 psi which produces finer water droplets, these are quickly evaporated to achieve a faster cooling effect.

The nature of cloud formed from a mid-pressure misting system when compared to a low-pressure system, is more exceptional, but in comparison to a high-pressure system, the droplets are a little bigger.

Using very high pressure machines, this system generates tiny fine quality mist which are readily absorbed by the heat and produces a cooling effect almost instantly, the quality of the system like theme park fog systems allows it to do this without facing any mishaps in the nozzle.

Homeowners who desire for a system that is entirely cool even in the most heated weather situation and does not leave the surrounding wet should automatically go for the high-pressure misting system.

Things to do when buying a misting system

Try to purchase all parts of the system from a single supplier for ease of follow up in case the system is not functioning as it should, also make sure you know so much as about the system and the company selling it.

The integrity of the system is vital to ensure smooth operation and avoid any damages to the pipes by too much pressure or too little pressure that will not suffice.

Warranties; The more extended the warranty, the better quality of the pump, however, you should take precaution to ensure that you use the pump according to the instructions for the warranty to be useful.

Related information can be accessed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz3mVUG8454 .

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