Dropping Hints

It was a warm December afternoon. I had worked all morning and was starving to death. I warmed a heaping paper plate of spaghetti in the microwave. It was delicious; I do love leftover spaghetti. I sat back satisfied with my meal as I sighed a complacent breath of fulfillment. I left the table and walked to the trash to dispose of my plate when, it happened. As I neared the pantry I caught a faint odor in the musty air. Just a prick of a sweet and salty scent upon my nose. It was ever so slight, just a hint… of lime.

I leaned in closer.

There on the third shelf down you were rolled up on your side. Laying on top of the onions and next to the Cheetos that I won’t touch. Your bag was blue and green and shone in the faint light in such a tantalizing way. I reached for you but stopped short. Downward my gaze fell until it came to the now empty plate in my hand. How could I possibly give you the love and attention you need when I had so recently held another between my lips? I worked up my courage and tossed the plate to the trash. Again I reached toward you, wrapped my fingers around you, and found that you were at least half full. My heart leapt. Time slowed to a crawl as I lifted you from your resting place. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman played like a soundtrack to the moment. I carried you with me to the table, but I did not sit. I looked away from the table to the bedroom. Yes, that is where we should be. I cradled your bag in my hands as I made my way to the bedroom. I sat down at the computer and set you between my legs. I looked down into you as I unrolled your top. The sweet scent of your flavor rushed up around me, blowing my beard-hair back gently in a mouthwatering breeze of saltiness. I worked up my courage and slowly put my hand down the opening of your bag. I felt my hand graze a decadent blade of seasoned heaven. I clasped that first chip and raised it to my mouth. I stopped. I couldn’t just put it in. I couldn’t rush it. I breathed it in. For what seemed like an eternity I paused, on the edge of pure pleasure, prolonging that moment. That first kiss… of lime.

I breathed out.

I took a bite.

A whirlwind of ecstasy enveloped me. Millions of years of animal instincts kicked into overdrive and before I knew what was happening I’d taken a fistful of chips and placed them onto my tongue. In a blink of an eye I was down to a third of a bag, and then a quarter. Further and further I lost myself inside you.Reality swept back as my fingers brushed dust against the lining of your once full parcel. A burning sensation surfaced, on the roof of my mouth and in my heart. My stomach turned. What had I done? It had all happened so fast, and now regret was setting in. I would never, could never, hold you again. I had ruined everything. I used you up until there was nothing left. A shell of a thing that once was beauty and such an object of desire.

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