An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Girl, I’ve so been there.

But you gotta keep your head down, work hard and work toward an end goal, you know? Life is shitty until one day it isn’t, because YOU made the choice to make it unshitty. Debt? Work your way out of it. Barely enough money to pay for groceries, transportation or the doctor? Budget the living shit out your expenses. I say this as someone who has survived your very common predicament of being an underpaid, under-appreciated twenty-something employee. Oh Lordy, I remember the night sweats pertaining to over-drafting on my bank account. I remember the surge of anxiety when debt collectors would call my phone on repeat.

So many of us have experienced what you’re experiencing right now. You are not alone. We survived, and it’s because we put in the time and we focused on the prize. You got this.

Once you achieve your end goal, THAT’S when you can publicly shame your former employers (however, I recommend keeping them anonymous, unless they did something illegal or super creepy).

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