Wonderful. Thank you. Wish the U.S. would get its passenger train act together.

I agree. To make a long story short, and I could be off with some of these details, but this is what I understand Amtrak to be: The government took control of the trains and created Amtrak in the 70s. The government was going to subsidize Amtrak until it became profitable; it never became profitable. Amtrak continues to get trimmed down- less routes, crappy schedules, less amenities. It’s a chicken & the egg situation: Is Amtrak getting crappy because people don’t want to take it? Or do people not want to take Amtrak because its funding keeps getting cut? Also, how can you compete with the time-saving component of airplanes? I wish more people took the train, but how can they when a.) the train might not come to their city or go where they need to go and b.) the train only goes once a day a handful of times a week?