Question for you, Medium.

Hey, Medium.

How’s it going?

Did you have a nice weekend?

I did yard work and played with my cat and went to bed early and did all those things that in your twenties sounded really sad and old but in reality are really awesome and relaxing.

But enough of that.

I have a question for you.

I have over 38,000 followers on Medium, which is insane and wonderful. I’m very thankful and excited that people give a crap about what I write.

I’m a little confused though. My posts don’t really get eyes on them.

As you can see here, I’m lucky if my posts reach a couple of hundred people.

What’s up? What am I missing?

Do I smell bad? I know natural deodorant doesn’t really work, but I’m paranoid and don’t want Alzheimer’s Disease (another thing you start worrying about once you hit your thirties).

Maybe it’s what I’m writing? Should I just start writing self-help articles? I know those seem to get eyes on them.

Thanks for any insight you have.

Much love,

Thirty-something cat lover with hippie armpits