Why You Should Follow My Cat on Instagram

Ten reasons why you should Instagram follow a feral cat-turned-domestic with three teeth and mouth herpes.

This is why you should follow my cat, FatFace, on Instagram.

  1. She has an amazing sob story: She was a street urchin who weighed less than five pounds and has a mouth ravaged by decay and herpes.
Please, miss. Can I have a drop of food?

2. I mean, look at this sad sack mouth. There’s like, three teeth in there.

Hey, everybody. Look at my herpes! LOOK AT THEM.

3. After a year of earning her trust, I took her in and we now live happily ever after. It’s disgusting.

I love you, Mom. I love you too, FatFace. I LOVE YOU SO GODDAMN MUCH.

4. She swears like a sailor.

Get that fucking camera out my fucking face, woman.

5. She writes about her former street friends — friends like Peter, who is a big dumb-dumb.

Hi, I’m Dumb-Dumb.

6. This is her ride.

Fuck this shit.

7. She’s traveled to 19 states of America, and she’s visited the French Quarter in New Orleans, eaten BBQ in Kansas City and stood under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. I chronicled her adventures on a Medium post.


8. She lies around like this.

Hi, guys.

9. And this.


10. You can watch in real-time as her owner slowly descends into madness.

Follow FatFace on Instagram at Life of FatFace. ❤️ 
If your pet has an Instagram account, share in the comments below. FatFace would like to follow.

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