Airdrop Update — HVT for Everyone!

The HireVibes team is happy to announce that as of Monday December 3rd, we will officially claim HVT for all unclaimed accounts. The 2nd “claim invitation” period is no longer necessary, and you will no longer be able to claim after Monday December 3rd as the HV team will claim for you. This means EOS account holders that have not yet claimed their HVT from the airdrop will be able to keep their HVT without having to claim themselves!

As a bonus to all accounts that did claim HVT by Monday December 3rd at 1300 UTC, as well as accounts which were missed on the airdrop, HireVibes will give an extra % of HVT to those accounts. The exact bonus % will be announced, and the delivery of tokens will happen by Wednesday December 5th.

We are doing this because we listened to the needs our community and it also means HVT will be a more widely distributed token, which is essential for a vibrant token economy.

While we are appreciative to AirdropsDAC to get a chance to trial a new innovative airdrop method (claim invitations), the HireVibes team will complete the airdrop, and distribute tokens to everyone on the snapshot.

For us it is important to have a widely distributed token and a happy engaged community, and we felt these actions needed to be taken to ensure both.

HVT distribution update:

The max supply of HVT is 350M. There will only ever be 350M HVT tokens

Out of the targeted airdrop pool of 250M tokens there will be some HVT that will remain left over, after all accounts have claimed. More details on this will be given by Wednesday December 5th. 
These left over tokens will be distributed and used in the following ways, which we feel will positively impact the growth of the HireVibes ecosystem:

  1. Staking Rewards (IE: You stake HVT and earn value back). More details to come in the following weeks.
  2. Bounties for bug finds on our smart contracts and dapp code. Our code will be open source when the beta is released.
  3. A small portion to be added to the partnership fund, which will enable the HireVibes ecosystem to grow. These funds are used for getting listed on new exchanges, and raising capital, etc. More details on this will be given by Wednesday December 5th.

We would like to say thank you to the HireVibes community for being awesome and, with the holiday season coming we wish you a safe, and happy time with your family and friends!

Remember to check our website at, and view the User prototype. We are working hard on the next release of HireVibes as we prepare for the Dapp going live with real job openings in early 2019.