Airdrop Update Part 2 — HVT Distribution Update

The HireVibes Token (HVT) Airdrop has been completed and we would like to share the following details:

Total targeted airdrop pool: 250,000,000 HVT
HVT remaining after airdrop: 110,276,867.7425 HVT

The targeted airdrop pool of 70% of HireVibes Token Supply (~250M HVT) has been distributed to EOS Token Holders and community initiatives. The Airdrop contained some caps and exclusions to ensure higher engagement and better token distribution in the long term.

The remaining HVT will be distributed in the following ways:

a) Missed accounts balances: 858,286.0694 HVT (2,647 accounts)
There were some accounts that were missed on original airdrop on Nov 5th.

b) 250 bonus HVT tokens for claimed accounts and missed accounts
Total # missed and claimed accounts: 2647 + 22,163 = 24,810
250 HVT per account: 24,810*250 = 6,202,500 HVT
This bonus will be paid out this week.

c) 50K daily HVT staking rewards to start in Jan 2019:
50,000 HVT daily for 3 months = ~5,000,000 HVT

EX. For daily distribution:

Alice stakes 1,000 HVT
All users stake 1,000,000
Alice receives = (1,000 / 1,000,000)*50,000 = 50 HVT

d) Bug Bounties + Promotional Campaign (dapp sign-ups & referrals): 10,000,000 HVT

e) Partnership Fund (~88,000,000 HVT, see calculation below)

The rest of the remaining HVT will be distributed to our partnership fund, to be used for exchange listings, and other partnerships crucial to the development of HireVibes’ ecosystem.

Figures from a-e
110,276,867.7425 — 858,286.0694 — 6,202,500 — 5,000,000 — 10,000,000 = 88,216,081.6731 HVT

We would like to thank the whole HireVibes community, and we look forward to the launch and early adoption of the HireVibes platform. Visit our website here and connect with us by sending us an email at Also, for questions, please join our chat group here: