HireVibes Alpha Release: July 2019

Jul 8 · 4 min read
Alpha is LIVE at https://app.hirevibes.io/jobs

Today is the dawn of a new beginning. We are excited to announce that the HireVibes alpha release is now live!

As of today, people from all around the world can apply and refer to job openings with exciting companies located in 11 major cities across 7 different countries spread over 4 continents. And for the first time ever, people can earn their own recruiting fee and donation reward from the hiring process using the power of HireVibes Tokens (HVT) and the EOS.IO blockchain.

We worked very hard to get to this day, and we will continue to do so as we tweak and refine the user experience and systems that run HireVibes. In the unlikely event that some things may not function as intended, remember this is an Alpha release for a reason — to work closely with a small number of hirers enabling us to test, learn from, continue to validate and grow.

We have several other updates that we would like to share:

Hirer Onboarding Strategy

An effective onboarding strategy is very important. We want to make it easy and enticing for employers to create profiles and use HireVibes as their preferred platform to tap into the global talent market.

To that point, we have added 15M HVT to the EOS account: hvonboarding

We will be leveraging this HVT fund to cover the referral reward for employers first hires. This is similar to Block.One’s on-boarding strategy for the hotly anticipated Voice social media platform. We expect to onboard many new hirers this way and we are currently speaking with 20+ global tech companies who are considering using HireVibes as their hiring partner. So expect to see more job openings added to HireVibes Alpha over the coming weeks.

Hirers can pay using Fiat currencies (USD, EUR, etc) along with HVT

This is an essential offering to have in order to attract mainstream companies to use HireVibes to build their teams. The newly created company, HireVibes Services located in Switzerland, will be providing this service free of any additional charges. HVS will transparently convert fiat payments into HVT and load this into the HireVibes Reward Smart Contract for distribution to successful candidates, referrers, the community’s EOS account and charities.

HVS will also develop a proprietary suite of hiring tools and payroll services that complement the HireVibes decentralized application layer. The more comfortable of a ‘hiring home’ we can make HireVibes for employers with additional opt-in premium tools and services, ultimately means more jobs will be filled on the platform so everybody benefits.

Staking rewards ended on July 1, 2019, one month early

The rewards that were allocated to distribute through July will end early. This is due to a number of factors.

All of the allocated HVT staking rewards for July (~ $21,000 worth of HVT) have been put into the HireVibes community’s EOS account hirevibesdac for the community to vote on when the HireVibes DAC voting is live. (DAC stands for ‘Decentralised Autonomous Community’)

Of course with that, on every hire made in HireVibes Alpha, 25% of the hiring fee will automatically be distributed to the HireVibes DAC EOS account, allowing HVT token holders to vote on their use or to burn them etc — The HVT token supply can be burned/reduced/deflated by a maximum of 50% until 175M HVT remain.

HireVibes DAC constitution delayed to Q3

We have made significant progress on the HV DAC constitution, and have taken some crucial feedback from the community. There have been many attempts at DAC/DAOs in the EOS world, including some great examples of live operational ones that are thriving.

The vision for the HV DAC will be refined with consultation and tools from eosDAC, whom we believe are pioneers in operational DACs within the EOS space. More to come on this.

HireVibes selected Charity partner for this alpha release is Humane Love

Humane Love’s project of building a school in their local region in Africa is a noble goal and one that we are honoured to be apart of. Upon every hire in this alpha release, the tokenomics of the HireVibes platform means 16% of each hiring fee will be distributed to Humane Love’s EOS account.

This is how we envision win-win situations going forward. Traditionally high recruiting fees charged by recruitment companies disappear into a black hole to increase the profit margin of recruitment agencies owners. When people have a system like HireVibes that automatically and freely channels resources to charitable and environmental projects, at scale, truly amazing and inspiring results can be achieved.

KYC for successful candidates and referrers

You may have heard or seen news lately on how dapps need to do business going forward in order to be compliant. For this reason, KYC will be necessary for successful candidates and referrers. Details of our KYC partner will be released soon.

A final note to the HireVibes community and HireVibes first set of Employers

We would like to thank all HireVibes community members and alpha hirers for your continued patience and support along this quest to make HireVibes one of the most used, and the most rewarding jobs platform in the world.

Our community of 205,000+ token holders is our greatest strength and we look forward to welcoming new people and companies that are entering the crypto space for the first time.

To all our past and present teammates and community supporters, a big thank you to you too.

As for now, the race is on to see who will go down in the history books as the first person to hire, refer and be hired using HireVibes : )



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