HireVibes Development Update: March 2019

Mar 27 · 5 min read

👋 Hello again 👋

We’re working on so many exciting developments in the HireVibes ecosystem, we won’t be able to share them all in just one blog post. This piece will share insight into some of the key updates and we will be ramping up our communications in the coming weeks to share everything else.

HVT Staking Distribution will be extended for another 3 months!

The staking system that was released on the 1st of February of this year was due to finish at the end of April. However, due to the amazing growth and engagement this has generated for the whole HireVibes community, this initiative is being extended for at least another 3 months.

The staking details and process will remain the same (Rewards details: 50,000 HVT in a daily staking pool for 3 months (May — July) = ~5,000,000 HVT). More details can be found on our website: https://www.hirevibes.io/stake.

With over 2,000 average weekly transactions and a solid base of daily active users, this staking system not only gives us a way to test the robustness of our smart contract, it also provides an incentive to grow the HireVibes community as well as ensuring a wider distribution of the HVT token.

Alpha Release moved to Q2

Our original plan to ship HireVibes Alpha at the end of Q1, 2019 has changed to Q2. We understand we have a great opportunity to disrupt the recruitment world, and we want to make sure we do it right. The Alpha will be focused around advertising real jobs — to apply, refer and reward for successful hire. We’ll be working with a closed group of Hirers to support them to post their jobs, manage applicants, and make hires. And as this is an Alpha version, all donations will go to our charity partner Humane Love until we onboard more charities to HireVibes. A full roadmap will be released in the coming months.

Free EOS Accounts

Yes, you read that correctly! For the first 2,000 people who apply and refer to job ads successfully, HireVibes will cover the cost of creating their EOS account if they need or want one.

This initiative will reduce a main barrier to entry for all the people outside the crypto world who have no prior experience setting up an EOS account. As HireVibes is a Dapp for people from all walks of life, we feel this will help increase adoption; not just for HireVibes, but for the EOS ecosystem and the wider crypto community in general.

HireVibes user account model has two components: the user account and the blockchain account. For now, we believe this is the most suitable approach as it enables users to get faster access to our platform. Once a hire is made the power of the EOS blockchain is needed to process transactions and distribute rewards; HireVibes will cover the cost of creating the user’s EOS blockchain account.

However, security is our top priority, so we’re developing a unique signature provider (Key management tool) to enable super easy storage of account keys for each user. This means the HireVibes team will never manage or see any users private keys. This innovative tool will be open-source and available for other EOS applications to bake into their own systems.

👇 What we’ve developed since 👇

Jobseeker and Referral experience:

  • Referrals play a big role in recruitment and we’re catering for it in HireVibes. Soon it will be possible for you to refer somebody you think is a good fit for a job and earn a reward in HVT if they are hired.
  • To refer somebody, go to a job and click the Refer Somebody button, or go to the Jobseeker’s profile and click Refer For Job. Choose the Jobseeker or job respectively and this will send them a message to apply. If they apply via your link, and haven’t already viewed the job, your referral is confirmed.
Referring somebody — HV prototype
  • The Referrals section shows you an overview of the referrals you’ve made for jobs. And digging deeper you can see the status of applicants. Whether they accepted or rejected your referral, or are interviewing, received an offer, or were hired successfully.
Overview of the referrals you’ve made — HV prototype
  • Applicants to jobs are kept up to date about their application via email whenever a Hirer manages their application status.
Email notification of an application status change — HV prototype
  • Interviewing and job contract negotiation occur outside of HireVibes. But when an offer has been accepted, the offer details are submitted to HireVibes and are fed into the smart contract. The Jobseeker accepting the offer triggers the smart contract.

Admin panel / Hirer experience:

  • Hirers can create jobs on HireVibes for free. And only have to pay a fee of the jobs salary or pay if a hire is made.
Editing a job ad — HV prototype
  • Hirers will have the option to receive an email notification immediately when somebody applies to their job.
  • Hirers can view applicants to their job and manage their application status from applied to interviewing to job offer made to hired.
Overview of applicants to your jobs — HV prototype
  • Interviewing and job contract negotiation occur outside of HireVibes. But when an offer has been accepted, the offer details are submitted to HireVibes and fed into the reward smart contract. The candidate is notified of the offer via email.

🙏 Thank you 🙏

As always, thank you for your support. We really appreciate it. We would love to know your thoughts on our development so far, our prototype, or any ideas you might have for us. Let us know via our Telegram channel or through email: feedback@hirevibes.io. More updates coming soon. Cheers!

Chinese and Korean versions available also 😊🌏


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