HireVibes Development Update: May 2019

May 29 · 6 min read

Hello again 👋👋

We’ve learned a lot over the last few months and we’re working on putting those learnings into place ahead our alpha product release. This is a big learning opportunity for us and we’re excited to get real jobs on HireVibes so people can get hired (or refer their friends to get hired), earn HVT Rewards, and donate to good causes.

What we’ve developed since 👇👇

EOS Transit Integration — Wallet Access Layer for EOSIO

This library is a small abstraction layer on top of eosjs which aims to assist EOS Dapp developers, like HireVibes, with wallet communication (signature verification and acceptance) by providing a simple and intuitive API.

By integrating this Transit API into HireVibes, it means instead of focusing on supporting specific signature providers one by one (like Scatter or our inhouse sig provider that’s soon to be released ‘MyEOS’), we can support every signature provider that has built a Transit plugin, allowing our users to use their signature provider of choice.

Kudos to the EOS New York team, a regular top 21 EOS Block Producer for developing this impressive API 👍

Salary Types

We understand that companies have different needs when hiring, especially when it comes to budget. So we’ve tried to be flexible and cater for teams by allowing them to post the salary as a range, the maximum salary available, or not disclose a salary at all. Depending on the user’s salary type selection, it will affect how the salary is displayed on the job ad as well as the HVT Rewards and Donation amounts available.

Job Description Editor

Job descriptions can be detailed and sometimes lengthy and our previous implementation as a pretty basic textarea didn’t meet our standard for a good experience. We’ve since updated this to something that gives users more control over how the job ad is formatted. Taking inspiration from other great text editors out there (we’re looking at you Medium and Dropbox Paper) we constrained how much formatting one can do so job ads don’t get out of control, or worse (or better depending on your sense of humour) look like this (:

Remote Jobs Switch

The rise is remote work is increasing and we anticipate it will continue to grow. With that, you can now flick a switch when posting your job to advertise it as it a Remote job. Jobs don’t have to be only remote though, they can include other locations you specify too, as a hirer you are in complete control ;)

Job card — Please note the job here is for testing only

Social Profiles

On your profile, now you can add links to your portfolio and social profiles. Sites we’re catering for initially are CodePen, Dribbble, GitHub, LinkedIn, Medium, Stack Overflow, and Twitter. It’s simple for now. But let us know if you feel strongly about other sites we should support.

Adding social profile links creates a more dynamic profile for users to showcase their social media presence, their portfolios, etc. For Hirers, this is also a big bonus as it enables them to grasp the full picture of the people they are interested in hiring. It takes manual work out of the screening process as hirers don’t have to search online or ask the individual for links to their GitHub, etc.

Jobseeker / Referrer profile with social profile cards


At HireVibes, we believe in understanding customer problems, building and testing something to solve those problems, measuring its impact, learning from that, and doing it all over again if needs be. Intercom is a tool to help us with this.

We’re using Intercom to support our users via the Intercom Messenger, engage them to understand any of their needs, and show new users how to use our product via Product Tours. Let us know what you think of our Product Tours or feel free to just say hello through the Messenger, we’d love to hear from you!

Introducing HireVibes Services

We are very happy to announce that HireVibes Services Limited (Sarl) has been set up in Switzerland, in the canton of Fribourg. This entity will house our development and sales team and be tasked to grow the HireVibes ecosystem under a full service contract, issued by HireVibes Development Ltd — the first legal entity of the HireVibes ecosystem that was set up in 2018.

With support gained from local government, we are pleased to have a solid base for HireVibes to do business from. More details about HireVibes Services will be released soon.

Say hello to our newest team members 👋👋

As we push forward towards our alpha product release, Arsal and Yuki have joined the HireVibes team to help us get there. Arsal is a Full-stack Developer, and Yuki Suzuki joins us as a Senior Frontend Developer. Please join us in giving them a warm welcome!

Onboarding HireVibes First Donation Recipient 💚💚

Humane Love will be the first charity listed on HireVibes Donation page. We’re in the process of creating their profile and defining the process for how they will receive HVT donations, and what these donations will enable them to achieve. Humane Love is a voluntary organisation based in Nigeria, being led by Samuel Joseph, a prominent voice in the EOS community and his team. With many interesting proposals on what they could do with HireVibes Token donations, they have decided to construct a school for underprivileged kids, giving them a healthy and safe environment for them to learn and prosper. Who knows, maybe the next Albert Einstein or Dan Larimer could come through this school and end up creating new systems that continue to secure life, liberty and property for humanity.

Thank you 🙏🙏

As always, thank you for your support. We really appreciate it. We would love to know your thoughts on our development so far, our prototype, or any ideas you might have for us. Let us know via our Telegram channel or through email: feedback@hirevibes.io. More updates coming soon. Cheers!


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