HireVibes — EOS Snapshot Update

Good day Folks!

Today we would like to share some important updates with you around:

  • The increase in the number of EOS Accounts since the Genesis snapshot
  • The Snapshot that HireVibes DAPP will be using for the HireVibe Token (HVT) Airdrop
  • Restructuring of the HireVibes DAC Treasury Fund proposal for strategic purposes

Impressive EOS Account Growth

There was a surge of anticipation and excitement coming up to the launch of the EOS blockchain in June 2018.

Based on these figures generated in a new EOS Account Snapshot taken by the HireVibes team yesterday; the interest in joining the EOS community hasn’t stopped. In fact, it may have excelled even more!

  • The Total number of EOS accounts in the Genesis snapshot are: 183,517
  • Registered (incl fallback): 163,930 wallets (89.3%)
  • Unregistered: 19,587 wallets (10.7%)

As of yesterday, the 8th/8/18; the number of EOS accounts = 282,511

(data source: eossnapshot)

That marks a significant increase of: 98,994 New EOS Accounts in less than 8 weeks!!

HireVibe Token Airdrop Snapshot Update

The EOS token sale lasted for a record 12 months and this enabled EOS to become very widely distributed among a large number of individuals across the world, at a continually cheap and affordable price.

This consequently created a large, abundant and global EOS community.

The beauty of this for startups and DAPPs choosing to build on EOS is the unique opportunity to leverage and in some cases inherit; the same large abundant and global community that EOS masterfully manifested — if the DAPP chooses to do an airdrop of course.

HireVibes is a DAPP that is doing a free Airdrop to all EOS token holders.

Due to the great work by a leading EOS Block Producer: EOS New York in making https://www.eossnapshots.io/, we are very happy to confirm that HireVibes will be using the latest Snapshot of the EOS Accounts on the day of the HVT airdrop. The exact date of the HVT airdrop will be announced early next month.

This simply means that any new users who’ve joined the EOS network since June 13th 2018 will automatically receive HireVibe tokens, as well as everyone else who set up an EOS account before the genesis snapshot.

HireVibes DAC Treasury Fund

HireVibes is a Jobs DAPP powered by Crowdsourcing thats entering a $450 billion global annual marketplace, that’s been traditionally dominated every year by centralised Recruitment Agencies and expensive Freelancing platforms.

In order for HireVibes DAPP to be truly decentralised, we believe the community should hold the majority of the total token supply. Hence why over 70% of the total supply of HireVibe Tokens will be airdropped to all EOS token holders.

However, the landscape in which we are building HireVibes DAPP is constantly evolving, with new concepts and methods of approaching things cropping up daily. As a startup in the blockchain space, our team are constantly evaluating every aspect of our concept, structure and processes, trying to ensure that we can create the best DAPP possible for the community to use on a daily basis.

The future is what we are here to build, but we are building it now.

Massive amounts of time and effort have gone into getting HireVibes to where it currently is. However to increase our development efforts, our team requires some funding to take it up a notch.

To do this, we have decided to restructure the original vision of the HireVibes DAC Treasury fund, which can be seen in our github repo: https://github.com/hirevibes/docs/blob/master/hvt.md

The HireVibes DAC (50mm HVT) will be restructured as follows:

40mm allocated for strategic partnerships. We wish to use this to secure funding to develop the HireVibes DAPP and the DAC infrastructure to manage it.

5mm allocated to the treasury fund. This will be used to fund community bounties and various other community based activities as proposed and votes on by HireVibes DAC.

5mm allocated to the HireVibes Foundation / HireVibes Development Ltd — to be confirmed soon.

Restructuring this fund now will enable the HireVibes Launch Team to deliver a higher quality DAPP to the EOS community.. This will give HireVibes DAPP the best chance of providing value to the whole EOS eco-system in the short, medium and long term.

Thank you

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