HireVibes lists HVT Tokens on EOSDAQ

Jun 18 · 2 min read

HireVibes, a new jobs search platform (Dapp) being built on the EOS blockchain, has come together with EOSDAQ, an On-Chain DEX in an agreement to list the HVT token on their exchange. It is now available to trade on the EOSDAQ exchange, as of Today, June 17, 2019.

The listing of HVT Tokens on the EOSDAQ platform helps to increase the liquidity of the HVT Token which can be traded to EOS directly on their exchange, and vice versa. As the HireVibes team continues to work on their Alpha, more announcements on this topic soon, this new listing aids in strengthening the availability for users to trade or purchase HVT Tokens through a number of exchanges, with EOSDAQ being the latest addition.

About HireVibes:

HireVibes aims to be the global decentralized marketplace for talent and service providers and in doing so, it will provide strong competition to the global centralized recruitment agency marketplace which today, has a market cap of over $450 billion USD annually.

HireVibes connects job seekers, employers, referrers and recruiters. HireVibes will leverage peer referrals to fill open positions, thus creating a fair incentive model with reasonable hiring fees.


EOSDAQ is an EOS-based On-Chain Decentralized Exchange. EOSDAQ aims to have all of the transactions are executed safely through Smart Contract and recorded on the blockchain in a transparent manner.

EOSDAQ maintains transaction speed in a stable manner by staking sufficient EOS resources, including RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth. The website lists many native EOS tokens, aside from others, which are easily traded on their exchange.


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