HireVibes Staking Rewards are Back🔥

Oct 25 · 3 min read

We’re very happy to announce that HireVibes Staking Rewards will restart on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019.

For those new to HireVibes or Crypto in general and to the concept of ‘’staking’’ — it simply means a process of locking HireVibes Tokens (HVT) into a smart contract and receiving extra tokens daily as a reward for doing so.

Distribution Details

11,000,000 HVT will be distributed over a period of 1 year in daily intervals.

This equates to a distribution of 30,136 HVT per day to staked HVT holders which represents 3.14% of the total fixed supply of HVT that’s in circulation.

(This number just so happens to represent the Pi π ratio aswel! 👀)

This HVT pool is coming from the HVT fund that was initially allocated to the HireVibes Foundation, however, this entity is no longer planned to be established. The Custodians elected by the HireVibes community when HireVibes DAC is live shall be the interlink between the community and the services company (HireVibes Services Ltd)


The rewards will be divided between all staked HVT, calculated as: ‘your staked HVT’ as a percentage of the ‘total staked HVT’ on that day. You can unstake at any time, but it will take 72 hours to complete.

To claim staking rewards — your HireVibes Profile is required 🎨

Yes, in order to claim daily staking rewards, each user needs to create a HireVibes profile (sign-up here). This will benefit the HireVibes ecosystem in a number of ways.

Firstly, by having a HireVibes profile created, users will be more likely to apply and refer to job openings listed on the app which will create more hires and more rewards. Secondly, this will expand the HireVibes network and increase network effects. When a network effect is present, the value of a product or service increases according to the number of others using it.

To meet the needs of a growing network and provide value to a larger userbase, HireVibes will become an opportunity platform for everyone. In the coming weeks when Job Categorisation is added to the app, users will be able to freely list and apply to Freelance gigs, Startup Founder roles, Bounty tasks, Voluntary jobs and Project opportunities for collaborating on.

Providing a wider range of opportunity will help satisfy the userbase’s work appetite and attract more users to the platform. The more talent that joins HireVibes means more Companies will be further incentivised to advertise their jobs on this platform and pay rewards to find new hires.

How to Claim Staking Rewards

Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO4tjaIxRQ0

If you are new to EOS and don’t have Scatter yet, please watch this How to use Scatter with EOS 2019 Tutorial video by CoinCado.

HVT staking rewards can be claimed on the HireVibes website, on EOSToolkit and soon this can be done within the HireVibes Wallet in the app itself.

Please be mindful to always use the official HireVibes website to stake https://www.hirevibes.io/stake and remember to be aware of scams. If your EOS account gets a message saying there is a HVT airdrop please ignore it.

Announcing Wombat — HVT Integration

For HireVibes users that successfully apply and refer to job openings listed on HireVibes who don’t already have an EOS account, we’re teaming up with Wombat because it’s the easiest way to the blockchain. When users download the Wombat wallet, they get:

  • Free EOS account creation
  • Free and automatic resource staking
  • Fast signing of transactions
  • Secure key storage and recovery

Wombat is available on iOS, Android and Chrome. HireVibes has been added to the Wombat Dapp Store and HVT have been successfully integrated so Wombat users can now send and receive HVT.

Thanks for being a part of our growing community and if you haven’t already, please subscribe to our social media channels below to keep up to date with the latest.

HireVibes Telegram: https://t.me/hirevibes_dapp
HireVibes Twitter: https://twitter.com/hirevibes
HireVibes Facebook:
HireVibes Instagram:


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The World’s Most Rewarding Jobs Platform https://www.hirevibes.io/

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