Roadmap update

Sep 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Welcome to HireVibes updated Roadmap. We’ve been busy building and we’re especially excited about what this next three and a half months will bring.

Our updated roadmap has been setup and it features lots of cool content, updates and releases to look forward to in Q4 2018.

In our last update post we shared the update of the HireVibes Partnership fund that’s been created to assist our development efforts. This has thankfully opened up many new opportunities. In order to capitalise on these opportunities means the HireVibes Token Airdrop and Prototype release have been slightly pushed back — but only by a couple of weeks.

As a team we’ve made great strides in the last 9 months. With resources incoming from new Partnership’s (which will be announced very soon); we’re excited to be able to deliver the high quality Jobs DAPP on the EOS blockchain that we’re aiming for.

Roadmap Details:

Late Q3: New web design release

  • With multi-language support

Early Q4: User Prototype release

  • Full feature list will be announced prior to releasing

Early Q4: HireVibes DAC Constitution and Lightpaper release

  • The HireVibes Lightpaper will be a resource for non-technical readers

Early Q4: New partnership announcements

  • Airdrop partnerships announcement
  • Strategic partnership announcements
  • Charity partnership announcements

Mid Q4: HireVibes Token Airdrop

  • Exact Airdrop date to be announced with 2 weeks notice
  • Airdrop Ratio details, snapshot date etc to be announced with 2 weeks notice

Mid Q4: HireVibes Token Exchange Listing

  • We’re currently working with multiple Exchanges for listing HVT

Late Q4: Technical Prototype Release

  • Smart Contract functionality added to User Prototype

Early Q1 2019: EOS DevCon

  • HireVibes is a virtual sponsor of EOS DevCon — Florida

Mid Q1 2019: Public Beta Release of HireVibes DAPP

  • Live jobs openings; Permanent and Contract jobs

Mid Q2 2019: Full release of HireVibes DAPP

  • Live jobs openings; Freelance, Permanent and Contract jobs

As for this week, the HireVibes team will be at the EOS Hackathon — London where we look forward to meeting, speaking with and learning from the vibrant EOS community.

More updates and exciting announcements coming soon so stay tuned.

Thank you for taking the time to read. We would love to know your thoughts! Comment below, or join us on Twitter or Telegram. Cheers!

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