I heard the news first period of last month.

“Royal Host” will stop opening for twenty-four hours.

This restaurant is one of the famous casual diners in Japan.

Most of these diners have confortable chairs,nice interior,of course tasty meals.

When I knew the fact,It reminds me of my favorite song.

The song,name is “Feeling for Nana”.

This song was created by “Spitz”.

The reason why I remembered is that lyric of the song include the word “Royal Host”.

I love this Japanese rock band.They sing really good songs with so clear voice, always.

They say in the song “In Royal Host along the street, we used to talk till that dawn”.

When people want to talk all night long,they stay at twenty-four diners,because most Japanese public facilities close before midnight,for example library.

It’s a notable topic about how to work nowadays in Japan.I know many people work too much.To be shorten the opening time of those diners is pushing the envelope.

But it makes me sad just a little.

I hope that we’re all able to work healthy.

This is my feeling for “Rayal Host”.

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