Last week 1Rebel, one of London’s most popular high-intensity fitness studios, launched their new website — a design and build by Hirola Group.

If you have a social media account, you’re probably aware of its importance to brands and how necessary it is to align your social presence with a refined social media strategy.

You might not, however, know the importance of periodically testing that strategy to make sure that it’s meeting its intended targets.

Measuring the value of social media is often difficult. What exactly do likes, comments and shares equate to in business performance?

Completing a social media audit allows you to make sense of the clutter, extracting insights which can then go on to inform amendments to your companies social…

Car sharing is a new community based service that allows for local drivers to rent cars from their neighbours. HiyaCar is rushing this space with high-quality, innovative technology that is both secure and convenient.

Hirola Group were appointed as HiyaCar’s lead design and development team in 2016. Immediately tasked with the redesigning their web and mobile platforms in order to increase engagement and bookings.

We concluded in 2018 with functionality that mirrored their trajectory as a brand.

Peel Foods are a London-based online catering service, set on combatting the exhaustive bustle of office life through nutritionally dense and delicious Michelin Star lunches, delivered to your convenience.

Our work with Peel Foods consisted largely of development work and technical support. They approached us with the finalised website designs but were in need of a backend that reflected their product’s ease of access, speed of service, and functional reliability.

We completed the project by the end of Summer 2017, providing a product that met the demands of past-paced office hours.

Soundabout are a small independent charity that are using music to ‘unlock the potential’ of children with severe learning difficulties. They are our inaugural Charity of The Year winners and a great cause.

After deliberation, Soundabout decided to deploy our efforts to the redesigning of their company logo. What proceeded was a design that reflected their affable, approachable nature but also communicated Soundabout’s critical musical component better than their previous.

We continue to perform paid media management on their accounts whilst helping out elsewhere whenever possible.

You can check them and some of their amazing work out via their website.

Webgains are a hi-performance affiliate marketing platform with the mission of connecting advertisers with publishers, at pace, through cutting edge technology.

Our relationship with Webgains began towards the beginning of 2017 when we were approached to develop a mobile application to accompany their new website. They had the designs and the backend for the application but were in need of a technical partner to work with over the course of the year, meeting strict deadlines and budgets but also showing flexibility when creating a product road map.

The apps were built natively using IOS and Android tool kits, with the final product being a comprehensive and substantive marketing tool.

The NHS approached us in 2013 with a desire for us to digitise one of their internal Blood and Transplant training modules.

We created an iPad app and CMS system which allowed for the effective communication of training techniques to practicing nurses.

In this case, it was important to ensure that the application had an ease-of-use and wasn’t over complicated. Functionality was key.

When it comes to raising healthy, happy families, no one offers more expertise than Annabel Karmel. With a career spanning 25 years, she has become the leading voice around children’s nutrition and family feeding.

Now the UK №1 children’s cookery author, best-selling international author, and mother of feeding experts the world over with 45 cookbooks…and counting, we had the task of capturing these talents within various digital applications, whilst assuring that that they hit the similar markers of success.

Hirola Group’s role was to digitise Annabel’s expertise through three native iOS and Android applications that each had the capabilities of inspiring children and parents to eat healthier and discover the joy of cooking as a family.

The applications remain live and are a testament to our continued relationship with everyone at Annabel Karmel.

Borrow A Boat is a peer-to-peer boat chartering platform with as many as 13'000 available in 50 countries.

As a company, Borrow A Boat have the mission of increasing boating participation through the providing of a wider and more broad selection of boats and locations as well as a more swift and hassle-free booking process.

They originally approached us with a website due for re-launch in the January of 2018. What they required of us was an accompanying web wrapped mobile application, with the functional responsibility of converting thousands of listings into bookings prior to their next critical round of…

More positive news coming out of Hirola Group in 2019. Our CEO Amit Shah has been selected to the judging panel for this year’s CreativePool Annual Awards; a celebration of creative excellence within industry’s most innovative sectors.

Sat alongside the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, Disney and the BBC. Amit will be taking his critical and digital know-how to the judging of the Web category with the winners announced at their Annual Launch Party on May 9th.

“ With so many different ways to go about web design, it becomes quite a broad and challenging category. It is exciting, however…

Hirola Group

Hirola Group is a digital solutions agency. An integrative team of multi-disciplinary creatives that put research and strategy at the heart of operations.

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