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Here’s Why Our Strategic Workshops Work

We believe that in order to deliver the best results, we need to know our clients inside and out from day one. From their goals and dreams and the ways they hope to achieve them, through to the problems they’ve faced along the way and the challenges we all need to pre-empt sooner rather than later.

As you might expect, the process of teasing out all of those meaty conversations is fun, fascinating and demanding. But putting in this solid, strategic groundwork at the start is what we excel in — and what delivers in the long-run.

There are all kinds of ways we can get to know our clients, from reading reams of information about their history through to testing their current product range out for ourselves or with focus groups. But although we tick all of those boxes, we believe that we learn the most valuable gems from a structured workshop process. And here’s how we do it.

Understanding the workshop process

We set up intensive workshops with our clients, which are usually conducted over two half day sessions, which are laser focused on business and product solutions.

The main goals of these workshops vary from client-to-client, but more often than not they’re about building understanding, devising a strategy and coming up with the best tactical solutions.

That’s because we see our clients through every step of the way, from the big strategy to the small activations. What good would a workshop be if we had bold ideas and no way of delivering them? Or small ideas but no strategy to guide us? We know how to do the whole lot — really well.

On the first day of our workshop, our client explains their story so far, business acquisitions and goals for the future. This is when we focus on objectives, the business problem that needs to be solved, KPIs, USPs and advantages we can leverage. We think creatively and dream big here at Hirola, but our industry insight and focus on data means we’re realistic too — we know what you can expect.

Many of our clients find that this first day is invaluable. They know their businesses like the back of their hand, but explaining where they are and where they want to be with a third party like us can give them a fresh perspective they’d never normally have got. Because let’s face it, even the best businesses can become blinkered sometimes.

On day two we discuss how all of these goals can be met with a digital platform — or any other kind of platform — depending on the tailored approach we choose. This day is product focused. We hone in on who the customers are, how we connect with them, what features they want and what’s core to maximising the product’s value.

This includes the approach we’ll take and the executions we’ll need at each step of the way. Our knowledge of the industry, the markets, what’s available and what’s new means this is a great opportunity for clients to visualise their goals and learn how they can really happen — way beyond the drawing board or the brainstorm.

Why work with workshops?

Workshops have become increasingly more important to us and our clients over time. This is because they allow us all to move fast and create intelligent products that prove themselves over a long period of time through a strategic approach, top results and solid data — not just a short term solution that wanes over a few months.

Our lean methodology allows us to take a more considered strategic approach from day one whilst quickly building, testing and learning in order to further improve the product. It’s a balance between top-level ideas and bottom-line results.

But it’s not just the workshop model that works, our team makes it so successful. We bring a varied mix of design, strategy, creative and technical minds to the table — all with a unique perspective on the worlds of digital and mobile. This provides a well-balanced and fresh way of devising solutions, overcoming challenges and maximising the discussion and insight every step of the way.

Workshops also play an important role in setting up Hirola and our client as a team from day one. By integrating ourselves within a client’s current team, we can act as one to co-create, innovate and execute the right product for the business and its customers. This strategic approach has consistently created a much more streamlined client relationship, which is often reflected in a stronger ROI.

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Written by Robert Stoner

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