I love our country I love our leaders I love our constitution I love Jesus my savior what wills the good in me is the faithful words of Jesus and the equality, rights, freedom, limitless thinking, health, love, clear reality, rich sharing with the middle class family, family togetherness, justice and peace, God, compassion towards humanity, fervent and poor prayers, decorating, the seasonable earth, flat screen television, the year 2020 or 2090, goodness, greatness, men, women, togetherness, casual friends, relationships, marriage, designs, other, climate change, caring, laughs, all these are carried and come from a person with authority and power, background, blessings, gifts, colors, our senses, ideas, better businesses, maintaining, smiles, happy motion, properness, learning constantly to provide, banking, accepting, links, car washes, debt free, fixing problems, mastering languages, pureness, helping, showing, teaching, mastering life, alarms, theme songs, happiness, comfort, cozy, thrifty or saving, watchful or alert, intelligence, smart, full of personal learning in helping bring together bits and pieces to others minds as sharing with them, making something from scrap, awesomeness, beauty, comeliness, cleanliness, Cologne, perfume, insurance, books that are full of life and make sense, giving to target divisions of government that help care assist us, giving for a good cause, leading a prayer during a minute, hour, day, or life, life saving, talking to the dead, respectful, dignified, open, found full, found-dating, fond of big and small things, protection,

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