Twitter: Digital paradise for nonprofit online marketing?

Designed to achieve an end goal, nonprofit organisations function just as any other business model. The metrics vary across axes with a similar strategy to promote, defend or raise awareness about a specific cause or issue.

To achieve these objectives, it is essential for nonprofit organisations to have a communication strategy. This strategy would typically include organising events, roadshows, awareness drives and various campaigns, and creating content, that showcase the nonprofit’s vision and mission. In addition to these offline efforts, most nonprofits are realising the potential online media has to offer and switching gears. Organisational strategies today are extending beyond pen and paper and reaching millions worldwide.

In the last half decade, Twitter has seen a great rise in the number of users. As on the fourth quarter of 2015, Twitter has 305 million active users worldwide.

If one were to consider an online content marketing strategy, most social gurus are likely to suggest Facebook as the ideal platform for a nonprofit organisation due to its wide use and reach. However, considering the recent growth and nature of the network, Twitter is a more viable option while considering a cost-effective and rewarding online strategy.

Twitter’s nature of showcasing real-time opinions and trending current issues and news, captures a rather opinionated and ready-to-act audience. Additionally, this audience is more likely to become a group of influencers or brand ambassadors of your cause. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook that act as professional and social networking platforms respectively, Twitter is among the leading platforms for content marketing and online campaigns that engage with people at their moment of truth. Nonprofits, can therefore, take great advantage of Twitter’s dynamic nature by adopting the three new Ps:

  1. Purpose: don’t just make better things, make things better
  2. Principles: use your brand’s values to deliver meaningful value
  3. Participation: don’t interrupt people; engage and involve them

Twitter is the ideal platform for nonprofits looking to integrate social media as a marketing and PR tool in their overall communication strategy, and here’s why:

  • Platform to engage with supporters in real-time
  • Easy to track followers supporting your cause through hashtag and content filters
  • Followers come to you as they track trends and hashtags (interests, news and causes) unlike other platforms where you push market
  • Awareness created organically by supporters and followers
  • Easy to connect people with likeminded views and values
  • Easy to engage people’s minds at the ‘moment of truth’ as causes are based on intent and emotion
  • Wide and relevant reach to the profiled target audience
  • Short attention span, making short updates (tweets), photos and short videos a great source of communication
  • Ability to gather and promote brand ambassadors at no cost
  • Ability to personify the cause or brand by sharing real stories related to the cause
  • Ability to inspire followers through compelling stories
  • Instant and cost-effective access to supporter insights, ideas, content and feedback

Even today, marketeers consider traditional marketing and advertising methods as key to one’s growth. While that works for some organisations, especially the bigger ones, digital media has grown out of its initial stage of trial and error and is the new word of mouth marketing. It thrives on conversations and engagement within and outside of brands and organisations, making it the most effective means of marketing today.

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