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Enzo Ferrari was born on 2/18/1898

Enzo Ferrari in 1925

Enzo Ferrari in 1929

Enzo Ferrari in 1934

Enzo Ferrari in 1956

Enzo Ferrari in 1957

Enzo Ferrari with Phil Hill in 1958

Enzo Ferrari in 1966

Enzo Ferrari with Nikki Lauda in 1974

Enzo Ferrari, Luca Di Montezemolo, and Niki Lauda

Enzo Ferrari in 1974

Enzo Ferrari with Niki Lauda in 1975

Enzo Ferrari, Niki Lauda et Luca di Montezemolo, années 1970

Enzo Ferrari died on 8/14/1988

Enzo Ferrari

“ I have known men who have undoubtedly loved cars as much as I have. But I don’t think I’ve known any who have been as obstinate as I have, motivated by the same wholehearted passion that has left me without either the time or the inclination to do anything else. I have no other interests apart from racing cars”

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