Moar Happiness

A little hack to increase the level of stoke in your life.

Happiness is a debatable term that I’m not going to get into. For context this happiness is the state of being happy within your day, and of course, not sad.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Continue to draw a line down the middle. Left column is things you like to do (not buy), right column is things you don’t like to do. Now fill it up. Here is an edited version of mine:

We are already on our way by even acknowledging the above, you’ll be surprised what comes to the surface. Dig deep and don’t be afraid to pull out the dark stuff, this list is yours and no one else’s.

What now?

Simply try do more of the left and less of the right. Obvious, yes, but start with the left and ask when last you did this item. Queue it up with a friend.

Now take an item on the right and start brain storming ways to do less of these. For traffic you could try negotiate different hours or ask to work at home a few days a week. For washing dishes, maybe the solution is as simple as buying a dishwasher.

Better decisions

What we’ve actually done with the exercise is embed these columns in our subconscious and when these (good or bad) present themselves, we make better decisions.

It doesn’t take an actuary to predict the outcome when you do more things that bring happiness and do less things that don’t. What you do need to realise is it starts with you making the changes.

Happiness is crafted, not gifted.

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