Try too Hard

You know, I never used to have trouble finding what to say,

People who have known me long enough would certainly think that way.

But when it comes to you

I never want anything to leave my lips to be too…




All of that, and more,

Look, even now I’m skirting around, shoving it down, so I hear you implore;

“Why can’t you say something, anything?”

“Just talk, about something.”

The truth is, I know that my words will always fall short.

So that is why, I always resort

To thinking, stumbling, hesitating.

I know it drives you crazy, trust me, I share your frustration,

That I can’t be there, or say the right words, to help you out of any situation.

I suck at rhyming too.

Spontaneity isn’t something I can truly ‘do’.

But you can.

No matter what, you always know what to say,

It always brings sunshine and light to my day.

In all honesty, I’m simply yearning,

Thinking of you and putting my mind to learning

How to understand and comprehend,

make comments that don’t condescend,

but I suppose I’m trying too hard.

Don’t I always?

So, forgive me and the way I fret,

Yet please, oh please, don’t ever forget,

How much you mean to me.

Apart, we face the world alone and we struggle,

But together, we can not only juggle

Our own lives, our own fears, our own demons,

We fight them all off, because in each other, we find our own harmony.

Put simply:

We were just meant to be.

So forgive me when I fail to express that with my words,

And remember that, if nothing else,

I’ll get there eventually.

Just as you will too.

We will get there together.

Unrelated to my weekly writing challenge, I wrote a poem based on emotion and it came oddly easily to me. I probably spent more time finding a picture that even remotely fitted the poem when compared to how long I spent writing it! I found it here;

Even rhyming, something that I’ve always had problems with before, became a natural flow as I wrote everything I felt down on the page.

To the man who has my heart and whom this poem was addressed,

I hope that these words are able to express the raw emotions I feel, and the way in which they all translate to a huge, over-arching and wondrous, yet very elusive being, called ‘love’.

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