How I Fought Bedbugs And Won
The Awl

I just returned from vacation in Vancouver. Very congested city, mostly highrise condos and apartments. Lots of talk about bedbugs. I don’t know if it’s all in my head, or what. Just the mention of BB’s have planted a fear in my mind. I was home for several days and I was feeling a few itches. I immediately thought of bedbugs. After tons of research on line creating even worse fear, I came across this article. It is very reassuring and I agree that searching on line for images makes the fear of these bugs even worse, and made me even itchier. But where else would one go to learn about these disgusting things. I have never seen one before in my life, and never had a fear that I would get them. I thought they were a myth for most of my life. I’m going to calm down and be more reasonable. I’ll be heading to the store after I post this and get plastic bags, mattress protectors and plastic bases for my bed legs. (it’s early on, and my bed cost me $3500.00!! I’m not ready to throw it away just yet) I may not have a problem at all, but I’m not going to wait and see. I have been scouring the www researching. All scary. This article has brought me some comfort that all is not lost, and I might just be able to beat this, IF I HAVE THEM AT ALL. I MIGHT NOT!! Fingers double and triple crossed.(so far nothing but itching and some lint that looks scary to me. ) Wish me luck.